Vietceramics showcases Italian-inspired concept designs inspired by “La Dolce Vita”

Vietceramics will feature an inspiring space at “Song Nhu Y” event, organized by Generali, Consulate General of Italy along with other famous Italian brands on December 14-15 2019 at Independence Palace (Ho Chi Minh City). 

Italy is not only known as the cradle of culture, history, the art of the world with diverse cuisine, symbols of the most luxurious symbol,  Italians are also impressed with its finest "La Dolce Vita" philosophy.

Vietceramics khong gian cam hung YVisitors are invited to explore the journey of Italian essence with sweet moments together with families and friends. Enjoyable moments in Italian-inspired spaces can be leisure times with friends in a charming Tuscany inspired terrace or walking around the magnificent Rome.  The journey of inspiring experience further spreads the meaningful life message of enjoying positive, optimistic, the simple pleasures of life.

Vietceramics khong gian cam hung YExplore Italian-inspired designs

Rich in art, fine architecture and culture, there is something about the spirit of Italian designs that make them both enviable and distinctive. Not only functionality, simplicity but with flair that makes Italian design and living, synonymous with elegance, sophistication and luxury. That’s why "Made in Italy" has long become one of the symbol of perfection with many elite masterpieces, ranging from architecture, painting, music, film to fashion and industrial products. Subtly crafted by each artisan with love and passion in each and every detail, from the neat stitches on a hand-crafted shoe to intricate interior detail on each faucet, or careful selection of each ceramic parts, each design shapes the emotion at home - where people will feel comfortable, want to relax, dine, sleep and just take time away from the hustle and bustle of the world.

Vietceramics khong gian cam hung YFrom Italy's design heart, Milan, Gessi represents the panache and elegance of Italian architecture and fashion. With their ‘unwaveringly Italian’ attitude and its entirely “Made in Gessi” process, Gessi has created a new style of living, a “design to be experienced, to be worn and breathed” as they merge the worlds of fashion and interiors with bespoke bathrooms within the boutique hotels of luxury labels such as Armani and Versace. From iconic Goccia with innovative design inspired by the fluid and natural shapes of water, featured Cono inspired to nature and the contemporary edge of Western flair, to illuminated Gessi 316 tapware made of 100% stainless steel with its decorative, textured and patterned designs, these iconic Gessi bathroom collections are perfect for those that want to add an elegant refinement touch to their bathroom.

Vietceramics khong gian cam hung YVietceramics khong gian cam hung YFrom a design standpoint, Italian ceramic tile is a material that comes in enormous array of designs and perfectly symbolizes the best of Italian style and manufacturing in the interior design and material sectors. Full of striking patterns, saturated color and interesting surface effects made possible by new technologies and collaborations with famous design studios and fashion houses, the annual Cersaie exhibition served up a visual feast of pattern and color with geometric graphics, remarkable marble effect tiles, industrial stone look tiles, to the most unpredictable like big slab ranges, the Italian flair goes beyond the customary use of the material and reinvent their look as an expression of personality, self-realization and individual creativity.

Vietceramics khong gian cam hung YVietceramics khong gian cam hung YAbout Song Nhu Y event:

Location: Independence Palace


+ 14/12/2019: 8h00 – 19h00

+ 15/12/2019: 8h00 – 22h30

With the desire to spread the message of positive life in Song Nhu Y event, visitors will have the opportunity to experience Italian culture and cuisine with exciting activities: “check-in" in romantic Venice, enjoy Italian cuisine, festive atmosphere of the carnival, and an impressive “3D mapping” performance or chillout moments at Italian terrace space. In particular, participants can earn points to exchange gifts and participate in lucky draws to win many valuable prizes from Vietceramics as well as leading Italian brands such as Piaggio, Ducati, and Maserati.

Vietceramics khong gian cam hung YLa Dolce Vita Wine Tasting Workshop

Location: The Sound Of Design space at Song Nhu Y event


+ 14/12/2019: 16h30 - 18h00

+ 15/12/2019: 15h30 - 17h00

As an important part of Italian culture, aperitivo comes from the Latin aperire which means “to open” and its idea is meant to be enjoyed with friends or family, and so it “opens” people to each other’s company and helps to spark conversations and relaxation. Vietceramics invites you to taking a moment to really savor the little pleasures in life with La Dolce Vita wine tasting workshop. For registration, kindly visit:

Vietceramics khong gian cam hung Y

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