Inspiring design trends for impressive settings

What makes a home? In many ways, homes embody how we live and see ourselves. It requires reflection and thoughtful choices, but it is a rewarding process. When we create a place that meets our needs and expresses our character, we enrich our lives. Space feels authentic, a genuine reflection of the person or family who lives there. And in these spaces, each homeowner, architect, and interior designer will play a significant role in creating a masterpiece with sophistication and style. With this philosophy, let’s explore the latest design trends that have recently curated around the world with Vietceramics.

Large formal slab tiles – Versatile settings

Along with the speed of urbanization and the demands of homeowners in each living space, the architecture and interior designs landscape is responded perfectly with various designs, innovative materials, and versatile uses. In particular, large-format tiles are considered to be a breakthrough trend in design with a revolutionary technology that being trusted in many residential spaces as well as commercial buildings.

With large sizes including 90 x 270cm, 120x240cm, 120x260cm, 120x278cm or 160x320cm, large size slab tiles with impressive designs, make them easier to clean than their smaller counterparts, with fewer grout lines over the same surface area, perfectly meet strict requirements of architectural and interior projects.

VietceramicsMarvel XL dictates the elegant and sophisticated style of commercial and residential spaces

Latest slab collections from marble look to stone look or decorative selections including Tele Di Marmo Reloaded, Marvel XL, Marble Delights or Noon is restricted only by your imagination. Not just restricted to bathrooms and laundries, they look contemporary in the home, and can also bring sophistication to any commercial space, from lobby, living rooms to bathrooms or kitchens. In particular, use matching tiles on the wall and floors to create a seamless class in foyers and hallways.

VietceramicsTele Di Marmo Reloaded reinvents the luxurious beauty of marbles

In addition to tiling applications, large format tiles with its optimal thinness, aesthetic design, and durability, combined with Advanced Façade System technology deliver a perfect application in high-rise buildings. This system has the advantages of high structural safety, fire safety, high durability and noise and heat insulation for high-rise buildings.

VietceramicsLarge format tiles deliver a perfect application in high-rise buildings with Advanced Façade System technology

With the preeminent features such as durable, easy-to-clean, durable surface, scratch resistance, thermal shock resistance, large-sized tiles are increasing applied in furniture designs from tables, cabinets, countertops to cabinets brings stunning beauty to interior furniture.

VietceramicsAtlas Plan large-sized tile collection is applied in furniture designs

The era of Italian bathroom designs

When it comes to Italian-style bathrooms, stylish and sophisticated designs always surprise interior designers and homeowners with their elegant beauty. As a focal point of bathroom space, Aurora Bijoux bathtub (Devon & Devon) is perfectly crafted with an impressive look. Its neoclassical beauty is the perfect masterpiece of Italian luxurious design.

VietceramicsAurora bijoux adds a timeless beauty to any bathrooms

In recent years, Italian bathroom design welcomes a color revolution in the bathroom space. Leading the trend in bathroom color, Catino Ovale console washbasin from Cielo (Italy) is perfect for any modern bathroom spaces with its elegant and contemporary designs.

VietceramicsCatino Ovale console washbasin brings color to bathroom designs.

What’s more, the indispensable focal point in every bathroom which perfectly showing the personality of the homeowner is the use of a convenient and luxurious faucet. Designed by David Rockwell, Gessi Inciso (Italy) faucet collection features solid material with a multitude of finishes, including black, nickel and copper that perfectly embodies the warm modern sensibility of American design with Italian style.

VietceramicsGessi Inciso perfectly embodies the warm modern sensibility of American design and Italian style.

Eclectic Interior Design Style 

Unusual and original eclectic style is a mixture of styles, a combination of different directions, it is freedom, imagination and creating a new one without losing its valuable traditional spirit. From that perspective, designers have perfectly combined this style with the use of materials that bring depth to space from selection of stone look to wood look tiles that further express the beauty of contrast, balanced and repeatable styles. One of the examples, Wood Touch tile collection is an ideal choice for this style.

Vietceramics Wood Touch delivers the natural charm of oak wood

Each design trend is all about experimentation that brings nuance and freedom when coming to the needs of each homeowner in each living space. Because the role of home and sense of place in a person’s life story can be significant, any design trend with its unique style will able to meet the comfort, aesthetics as well as an understanding of our place and the story of ourselves.

Architects, interior designers and homeowners can now experience inspiring design trends for impressive settings at Vietceramics showroom nationwide.

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