6 incredible décor wall designs

Like many iconic trends in design, 3D tile is alluring in both residential and commercial spaces.  From

hotel lobbies to cafe restrooms, the coterie of innovative styles seems to grow by the day. Sculptural three-dimensional tile dynamically draws the eye, adding energy, movement, and intrigue to tired commercial spaces.

Ready to take the 3D look for a spin? Take a peek at our top 6 design trends for more ideas and inspiration.

An Element of Surprise

Few things feel better than when you take a design risk and love it. Ripples, abstracts, and organic shapes make surprising elements that can completely change the feel of a room. Planning a remodel? Our new 3D tile collections— Mek will put you in your happy place. If you’re not feeling gutsy, start small – behind a tub or in a shower surround. Or test the look in a monochromatic color scheme.

gạch ốp lát 3dMek

gạch ốp lát 3dRoom

gạch á»p lát 3d

3D Wall Design

A Daring Accent Wall

White geometric shapes pop off the wall giving this lounge area over the top texture and a midcentury vibe – a perfect backdrop for lively conversation.

From the living room and bedroom to the kitchen and bath, 3D accent walls are making seriously stylish waves in the design world. Whether it’s a grand-gesture wall or a tiny enclave, it’s one of the easiest ways to add architectural detail and value to your home. And we don’t know of a better statement-making way to breathe life into a room. Feeling creative? Invent a custom wall by mixing and matching your favorite 3D tiles. 



The Obvious Star

Open shelving gives this high-impact 3D wood look backsplash a chance to shine in this kitchen. Even more desirable – especially on a backspash. A pop of color and texture combine with dimension for extra definition and visual interest. Since the look is casual, it’s a mainstay with designers looking to infuse drama without overwhelming the place.

 gạch 3d tạo điểm sáng khu bếp

Etic & Etic Pro



gạch ốp lát 3D


Hello, Sunshine

We adore the sculptural nature characteristic of many 3D tiles. When we can take these looks outdoors with weatherproof tile, it’s pure bliss. Mother Nature and texture go hand in hand so three-dimensional tiles look right at home outside. Plus when the sun hits the tile’s irregular surface just so, it makes a spectacular display of light and shadows – giving the illusion of even more depth and dimension. When you’re ready to revive your backyard and give it a modern day, vacation-like feel, imagine the sky is your limit.

gạch 3d tạo không gian 3 chiềuPiase

gạch 3d tạo không gian 3 chiềuTerramix

Curve Appeal

3D tiles command your attention – especially when showing off a room’s architecture.  More than color, texture, and shape, they can also provide contrast or dial up a calming vibe. If you’re obsessed with natural materials, stacked stone ledger panels make luxurious fireplace feature walls–, especially in modern and traditional homes.

gạch 3d tạo đường cong cảm xúcVictoria

Getting down to business

Like many iconic trends in design, 3D tile is alluring in both residential and commercial spaces.  From hotel lobbies to cafe restrooms, the coterie of innovative styles seems to grow by the day. A strategically placed feature wall should be decorative, eye-catching and serve as an immediate focal point for customers. Keep in mind that contrasting colours need to also complement the vanity, lighting and style selections.

gạch ốp lát 3d tòa nhà

Marvel Stone 

gạch ốp lát 3d

Marvel Xl  

Whether you’re drawn to elegant styles that shimmer and shine in the light, or you’re all about contemporary looks that jump off the wall, visit our nearest showroom today. We have expert advice to help you to select the right tile from our wide range.

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