Choosing right sanitay wares for a luxury bathroom

A bathroom is an important part of your house, delivering the relaxing experience for homeowners? Renovate and transform it into a wellness oasis, you need to decorate this luxury bathroom with high-quality sanitary wares

All those sinks, faucets, shower heads, bathtubs, toilets, and other fixtures come in various shapes, forms, styles, and finishes. Get ready to open your mind and innovate what your elegant bathroom should look like with the following nine products.

1. Sinks

When it comes to choosing basins, one size doesn't fit all. That's why there's a range of stylish washbasin that makes it easy to choose from. After all, this important space in the house serve so many different purposes for amusing and happy moments. Why not add a little bit more elegance and luxury to your bathroom by upgrading your deluxe wash-basin ranging from classical, contemporary to modern, premium ones.

 Gessi Goccia washbasin - Revolutionary Design inspired by a water drop

When choosing washbasins for a luxury bathroom, the most common option come in the creative form, expressing the unique style. They work particularly well with faucets following overall concepts in the same collection. Goccia washbasin brings out stunning design style "Total Look", creating the synchronous concept with the same material, style and color. Whether it is countertop or freestanding washbasin, it marks a revolution in water drop design and high-quality porcelain GRES, decorating a cozy, modern and relaxing bathroom space.

Gessi Goccia washbasin

Hommage washbasin - Classical charm of a great age

Blending with the sublime design style, prime functionality of innovative ceramic technology is also a strong reason to choose washbasin for a deluxe bathroom.

This retro style of Villeroy & Boch (V&B) Hommage basin features detailed edging and styling to give it a bespoke Victorian look that is so popular at a traditional and elegant bathroom. V&B’s CeramicPlus technology helps to keep Hommage washbasins clean and hygienic for the longest time. With over 270 years of research and development, V&B offers the fascinating quality of sanitary porcelains that meets even the highest standards of high-end bathrooms.

 Hommage washbasin

2. Toilets

Notable exceptions are that toilets and luxury don’t typically go in the same sentence together. That is why when toilets are involved with not-so-luxurious parts of our lives. However, it seems that as technology improves and as the desire for luxury increases, designers are finding ways to glamorize the toilet. These “piece of art” not only optimize your luxurious space but also add an aesthetic appeal to modern bathroom design.

Eleganza wall-hung WC - Delicate Italian Style

Choosing wall-hung toilet with concealed tank both enlarges the space and adds the elegant beauty to bathrooms.

Designed in Italy by Prospero Rasulo. Eleganza wall-hung WC owns beautiful classic and minimal shape along with White Europe Ceramic material, that toilet adds a special touch of elegance and comfortability to enhanced wellness like being a mini spa.  A representative of minimal and modern charm, Eleganza toilet also brings the all-new class of bathroom experience with White Europe Ceramic and integrated siphon. Soft-closing hardware.

Eleganza wall-hung WC

Venticello WC - Design the perfect line

When pondering on the toilet, functionality with technical innovation confirming white finish and hygiene is certainly a top priority.

The utmost charm of Venticello toilet originates from “Design all along the line” message from Villeroy & Boch brand. Meeting the highest requirements for modern, individual bathroom design, this model is your perfect and smart choice. Also, this DirectFlush toilet has an intelligent flushing system: it rinses the entire inner surface of the bowl without splashing and ensures maximum flushing efficiency thanks to the rimless design. In addition, high-quality sanitary porcelain powered by CeramicPlus technology helps to keep WC clean and hygienic for the longest time.

Bold minimalism and functionality, Venticello WC is creating an immediate visual impression that fits in perfectly with contemporary, innovative bathroom interior.

Venticello WC

3. Showerheads

Gessi Private Wellness

Immersing yourself into cool water after a long workday brings a refreshing feel to your body and mind! Powered by technical innovation for comfortable showering, these free-standing showers provide full-body experience while water droplets gently massage and soothe your skin

Gessi Private Wellness

Thanks to its innovative technology and cutting-edge aesthetics, Gessi Private Wellness marks a new standard of excellence in designing your very own customized space for both relaxing and personal wellbeing, in a bathroom that is capable of inspiring and awakening your senses.

Along with premium design and stainless steel, this multifunctional shower system including Rainfall shower – bring a relaxing feeling over your entire body, Mist shower - the chance to enjoy such a refreshing touch, Cascade shower - massage in neck and back area that stimulates blood circulation and relaxes the joints and muscles. Through a series of 36 colours, Gessi Private Wellness brings a multi-sensory experience to release the stress away.

Villeroy & Boch Universal

Rain shower heads give you the calming feeling of standing beneath a waterfall. Selecting wall mounted head shower or ceiling mounted head shower with concealed mixer will make your bathroom become neat and elegant.

As the entry-level collection for unsurpassed European style, this is the perfect choice for a large bathroom that requires great design. This model is an efficient water-saving shower head also has an anti-scale system for the clean and clear bathroom.

Villeroy & Boch Universal

4. Bathtubs

An attractive bathroom design can be perfect if lacking a cutting-edge bathtub. Discover stylish baths that standing freely in the room and turn into the centerpiece of your deluxe bathroom. A bath meditation combines the standard benefits of meditation with the benefits of a relaxing, hot bath, which can soothe tired muscles, provide a calming atmosphere.

Cono free-standing bath - Art fusion for contemporary bathrooms

Free-standing bathtubs can be great for large bathroom spaces. You’ll look for a tub that’s over 150cm - 200cm long to help with comfort and luxury when compared to corner bathtubs.

Designed by Prospero Rasulo, Cono bathtub balances between minimalism and poetry, blending organic and geometric styles like the cone with the serenity of oriental shapes, inspired by nature, and a western taste for streamlined designs. In a 179x82.5x74cm size, Cono bathtub is an ideal fixture that beautifies contemporary and classical bathroom interiors. Made from Cristalplant - eco-friendly material, the bath owns unique shape that wows every homeowner.

Cono free-standing bath

Antheus free-standing bath - For elegant and luxurious bathroom

Premium bathroom space should combine with a freestanding bathtub, owning unique shape and high-quality materials like Acrylic, Cristalplant and Quaryl. It is easy to clean, anti-scratch and anti-dirt at the highest level.

Inspired by Art Deco-style geometric contours with the puristic beauty of Bauhaus design. Antheus bath reflects the classical style of the Modern age with its clearly-defined edges and rim to create an impression of high-end bathroom spaces. This free-standing bath made from finest Quaryl® is a definite treat to the eye and bliss to the senses. The material is durable, easy cleaning and safe for your bathing.

Antheus free-standing bath

5. Other Fixtures

From contemporary to traditional, Vietceramics offers a variety of top quality bathroom furniture and accessories to suit all tastes and budgets, ranging from cabinets, mirrors, to lightings and accessories.

Gessi MiMi accessories

Gessi MiMi accessories – A modern classic

If you are a fan of the classical and modern design, you should not miss MiMi furniture & accessories. MiMi accessories ranges from wall mirror, stool, soap dispenser to robe hook, features soft and sensual feminine curves, sophisticated architectural lines and artfully conceived functions.

Gessi iSpa accessories - Visual simplicity for a modern bathroom

Gessi iSpa accessories foster an elegant and fashionable approach to developing a concept of “visual simplicity” with a concept of bio-design bathroom.

A premium stool,

An elegant tumbler & holder,

A modern freestanding towel,...

all is in the harmony of rectangular shape with round corners, innovative technology and cutting-edge features, upgrading to a new level of bathroom space.

Gessi iSpa accessories

Finion LED Mirror: Puristic Design Meets Sophisticated Technology

Designed by Patrick Frey, Finion LED Mirror are set off to perfection by a well thought out lighting concept and premium material. Its puristic design gives you the freedom to express your personalized bathroom that has to create a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere, evoking a high quality of life. The lighting color can be customized from neutral tone to natural sunny tone.

Finion LED Mirror

Hommage vanity unit for washbasin

Inspired by the art of a great age, Hommage vanity unit for washbasin owns classical linear forms.

Hommage vanity unit for washbasin

Legato vanity unit

Clear-cut and timelessly modern, Legato vanity unit is a complete bathroom furniture of uniform elegance for sophisticated tastes. It offers new design and color options, decorate your beautiful bathroom space.

Legato vanity unit

Here are some advices to choose the right sanitary wares of Gessi, Villeroy & Boch brands. For more information, you can visit Vietceramics showrooms or contact hotline: 1900633094  or visit website, Vietceramics Fanpage.


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