Cono by Gessi - Contemporary Fusion Art for the bathroom

Gessi’s commitment to creative experimentation and innovation once again manifested itself in a design that transcends time and fashions with the creation of sensational Cono. The new Cono Collection for the total look of the bathroom, designed by the designer-sculptor Prospero Rasulo, has a unique, graceful yet decisive profile that entitles the new creation to become a new design icon.

Cono_thietbiphongtam_vietceramics_1During a journey among the lush scenery and the dwellings in southeastern asia, designer and sculptor prospero rasulo captured in the sun, filtering in light cones across vegetation, the architectural form describing his ideal fusion of architecture and nature: the cone, which became the new “sign” of Gessi.

Cono_thietbiphongtam_vietceramics_2 The inspiring principle behind Cono, as with all the Collections from Gessi is the power of forms that, in an original and ironic fashion, convey essential and evocative graphic symbols, immediately recognizable “signs” with exceptional communicative power, as it’s the cone indeed. It succeeds in transforming everyday use objects into pieces of art.

Cono_thietbiphongtam_vietceramics_3Cono embodies a new balance between minimalism and poetry. It blends organic and geometric styles as it stresses on a fusion between the serenity of oriental shapes, inspired by nature, and a western taste for streamlined designs. the extremely innovative concept of cono infuses a special sense of relaxation and natural well-being into contemporary and classical interiors and enhances essential intimate moments of our life.

Cono_thietbiphongtam_vietceramics_4The key element of the design, the sculptural shape of the cone, features the articles of the entire line of bathroom furnishings, from taps to accessories, from basins and baths to sanitary ware, for the complete interior design of an environment, Gessi style. The very innovative design of Cono, a mix of organic and geometric design, a “fusion” between quiet and graceful Eastern shapes inspired to nature and the contemporary edge of Western flair, makes the Collection fit in both contemporary and classical interiors giving to any environment a special feel of relaxation.


The minimalist style of Cono and the maximum attention to every detail that have made Gessi acclaimed on a world level, transmit a message of distinct and essential style. Cono renovates once again the brand's unique identity and its ability to transform the most private space of the home into a personal spa for a daily enjoyment of tranquility, style and wellness.

  • Name of Collection: Cono.
  • Designer: Prospero Rasulo for Gessi.
  • Tap ware material: Chromed Brass.
  • Tap ware finishing: polished chrome, brushed chrome, polished and brushed gunmetal, velvety white and black, copper.
  • Sanitary ware material: ceramic.
  • Washbasins and baths: Cristalplant© and ceramic.

Cono collection is now available for viewing at Vietceceramics showrooms. Guests can visit the website, contact the showroom or call our hotline (+84-28) 3842 2768 for further assistance.








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