Equilibrio – A natural balance

A revolutionary chapter in research of design and well-being, Equilibrio replicates the art and aesthetic of stone-balancing, taking on a distinctive organic figure of two ovoid stone-like forms resting atop each other – showcasing a strong relationship with water relaying the energy that is created when stones are aligned. Let’s discover the essence of harmony and strength of balanced stones with Vietceramics.Equilibrio-Vietceramics-1.1

Equilibrio-Vietceramics-1.2The new Gessi Equilibrio line brings nature into the bathroom. Designed by Maurizio Scutellà, each faucet appears like two stones perfectly balanced, one on top of the other. Inspired by artist- philosopher Marsel Lesko’s stone balancing performances, the tap handles are made with stone sourced from Piedmont, northwest Italy. The stones retain their unique natural colours and shaped into equal sizes for the taps. Choose form 10 types of metal finishings such as chrome, copper of glossy black for the faucet body, then pair it with tap handles made from Marquina black marble, Calacatta white marble or other stones, and rosewood, teak or maple wood finishings. The handle of the Equilibrio tap is interchangeable- swap it with any of the 18 styles available to give your bathroom faucet a brand new look whenever you want.


Equilibrio-Vietceramics-2.2The curves of Equilibrio’s unusual ovoid shapes fits palms and fingers perfesctly. Its  natural beauty encourages long, luxurious showers or baths. The Equilibrio’s organic form is simple and unobtrusive; it can be paired just as elegantly with a porcelain sink or a matching stone basin. This tap can add a dose of serenity to your bathroom, bringing to mind images of water springing forth from river stones.


Equilibrio-Vietceramics-3.2The new Equilibrio taps are already available in Vietceramics Bath & Tiles


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