Vietceramics presents new Gessi Hi-Fi collection inspired by Stereo System

Vietceramics is introducing Hi-Fi - a new bathroom collection from Gessi with an extremely refined design, cutting-edge technology, and contemporary style. Gessi Hi-Fi collection brings the person back to the fore in the interior design for the bathroom, making this room an intimate and private living space. With Hi-Fi, the concept of Private Wellness regenerates freshness, discovers the benefits of water, the pleasure of ergonomics, and finally regains ease and comfort for users.

Hi-Fi, the latest creation by Gessi, is the new frontier of its Private Wellness program. The iconic name of this collection outlines the inspiration drawn from the history of acoustic engineering for high-fidelity stereo systems. These cult, trendy products feature the same clean and essential lines and the same sharp and harmonious volumes of stereo systems represent a hallmark in the history of design and technology. High-fidelity stereo systems are a prime example of this. These music devices coupled hi-tech with hi-touch, in perfect synergy between technical content, art and culture, they indeed brought about a revolution in technology and created a new world of sound and emotions.

The design of the memorable Hi-Fi stereo systems of the past is the inspiration for clean lines and sharp volumes. Music sets, just like any musical instrument, arouse emotions even when they are not played, by means of evocation. In fact, to experience the magic of music all is needed is to perceive a source of it. Hi-Fi by Gessi aspires to evoke these same emotions. Its iconic and distinctive lines stress the synesthesia of memory to evoke the sound of Wellness: technological perfection applied to the experience of water.

The innovative Hi-Fi shower system by Gessi wins The Boy Award for pushing the boundaries in wellness product design. The BoY Award is the ultimate measure of design excellence, honoring the most significant work of the year and recognizing designers, architects, and manufacturers from around the globe. Once iconic equipment for reproducing music with exceptional quality, these stereo systems become – through the creative lens of design – innovative shower mixers that revolutionize the very conception of this tool. These catchy designs seem to invite to abandon the natural tones of water, indeed to the very sound of wellness. Here, surrounded by the harmonic rhythms of water, the time dedicated to oneself becomes an extraordinary experience of Private Wellness. Thanks to innovative architectural geometries of sculptural inspiration, Gessi Hi-Fi manages to blend rigorous minimalism of line with incomparable functional ergonomics.

These mixers of Hi-Fi collection allow all the senses to experience extraordinary moments of pleasure and well-being. Gessi Hi-Fi aspires to be an iconic and exclusive product to benefit from water, to search one’s own personal rhythm, in one’s own most private moment and space; with lightness and vitality. Adjusting the flow knobs will give the user the impression of adjusting the volume of water; pressing the function buttons will let out the enchantment of its stream: the soothing or regenerating energy of positive vibrations. The contemporary bathroom is rapidly becoming an area for the regeneration of body and mind, an oasis of pleasure amplified by innovative technologies and striking aesthetics.

Gessi Hi-Fi, going way beyond mere aesthetics, is high fidelity technology for water, studied ergonomics and functional perfection. The high-precision controls have been designed to recreate all the tactile sensations of period stereo sets: the clicking on slightly protruding function activation buttons gives that typical old feeling, the ticking of the knobs, the millimeter precision of the controls, all allow to set and maintain the preferred regulation of flow and temperature. The flow control knobs are equipped with a precision “tick” rotation system inspired by the adjustment crown knobs of high-end watches. With the rectangular shape, evocative of the keys of analogic-control stereo amplifiers, Gessi Hi-Fi enthuses a total immersion into the “Sound of Wellness”, into the positive emotional frequencies given by the natural symphony of water.

The “stereo” wellness of Hi-Fi

Gessi conceives every aspect of their design to serve the aim of creating wellness in the user: the shape, the positioning of the internal and outer components, the choice of materials, such external details as surface treatments and icons, everything is indeed intended to improve the shower environment and make it more enjoyable. Not only does Gessi Hi-Fi embody superior aesthetics but also effective functional supremacy and genuine high fidelity in precision control of water. This instrument can transfer into a private and personal environment all the benefits of this natural element, so that it is felt “in stereo” on the channels of all five senses.

Just like one soft, velvety, and enveloping armchair, Gessi HiFi transfigures the shower into a comforting, relaxing embrace. This imaginary, iconic piece of furniture lined with loudspeakers, evokes the surrounding soothing feeling of music and a personal moment of indulgence to relaxation and rediscovery of a more balanced rhythm of one’s time. Water, as music does, creates good vibrations, it gives energy and enlightenment.

Hi-Fi is the spearhead “design” of the Gessi Private Wellness Program, the world’s widest range of advanced function water outlets, for ceiling or wall installation, that can be composed freely for a totally personal and personalized wellness corner. Every module and water function, has its own Hi-Fi button, each with a specific intuitive icon. Each wellness function can be activated and deactivated, individually or together with others, by “clicking” on the corresponding button, which contains from 2 to 5 thermostatic controls is combined.

Linear thermostatic mixers

Linear thermostatic mixers Hi-Fi by Gessi transfers the typical stylistic features of a  period analogic stereo system into such shower mixer parts as function selection buttons and flow and temperature regulation knobs, ultra-flat and uber-elegant, these sculptural objects for wellness, are available in multiple versions, with 2 to 5 outlets, controlled by very intuitive buttons while featuring extremely refined details. These concepts give life to a very elegant piece of furniture based on minimalism and high-tech functionality.

Compact thermostatic mixers

The “Compact” thermostatic concealed mixers represent one unprecedented combination of high technology, in only 20 cm of width accommodates up to 3 water function controls and the crown knobs for temperature and flow. These revolutionary designs are available in various finishes and can be combined with many different Gessi bathroom furnishing collections, granting an aesthetic result of great effect.

Single-lever Hi-Fi mixers

The multi-function single-lever Hi-Fi mixers have been conceived for stylish wellness showers. They can control from 1 to 3 water outlets within a  thin compact plate within the 20 cm of its width, the mixer accommodates selection buttons for the multiple water functions and a cylindrical handle that commands the flow rate and the temperature. The multiple finishes available make these functional jewels one avant-garde versatile solution for any bathroom.

Hi-Fi shelf thermostatic mixer

The innovative Hi-Fi shelf thermostatic mixer contains 2 to 5 thermostatic controls combined, on the upper part, with a refined 4 mm thick ground glass to form an external body. The resulting original shelf body is very resistant and can be used as a support for objects.

The Private Wellness program of Gessi Hi-Fi allows the user to enjoy personal spaces that offer a new sense of well-being, a daily wellness experience. These programs allow to customize modular elements according to desires users: such as multifunctional showers, including the Afilo, Minimali, Colour can be freely composed, for total customization of the shower, so as to create a “Private Wellness” bathroom, designed according to one’s own desires.

Hi-Fi Gessi Collection is now available in all Vietceramics Bath & Tiles Studio nationwide.

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