• 02/01/2021 | FEATURES

    The best tile trends for 2021

    A new year always is a good time to giving us all a fresh outlook and curating our own interior identity by adding personal touches to our homes. With a new design focus on personalization, every piece that telling a story, and making a statement, Vietceramics 've teamed up with our industry partners across the globe to bring you the top tile trend collections that inspire great spaces. From luxurious azure-toned marble looks, earthy stones to dramatic dark hues and the enduring big slab trend, tile trends 2021 will see new takes on these traditional classics, as well as forward-thinking ways to style them.

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  • 12/29/2020 | FEATURES

    Vietceramics showcases "Private Wellness" bathroom trend

    The design fully captures the emotion, honours living space with distinctive value, the creativity plays a vital role in designing the living space. The “Private Wellness” design trend guarantees to redefine new standards for bathroom fittings.

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  • 12/08/2020 | FEATURES

    Big slab tiles - new standard in space design

    Deriving a breathtaking inspiration, these following big slab tile applications from Vietceramics is a clear demonstration built from the combination of cultural values ​​and aesthetic color taste.

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  • 10/28/2020 | FEATURES

    New Vietceramics bathroom edition: Get ready for a fresh start for your home project

    The latest issue of Vietceramics bathroom edition has just been released and now available in showroom and online. Packed with friendly solutions, new exciting products, and familiar favorites, smart and stylish design ideas, every page includes featuring a range of new products and design solutions inspiration to renovate (or create) your dream bathroom. From traditional designs to contemporary concepts, homeowners, architects,s and interior designers are surely find the right style of bath, shower, basin, or toilet to make your experience as enjoyable and easy as possible.

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  • 10/27/2020 | FEATURES

    Vietceramics showcases 5 bathrooms wellness spaces

    Recent studies have shown that a design idea that connects people to nature emphasizing the importance of water, balanced color and material will further inspire, boost productivity and even contribute to a stronger sense of well-being. Bathroom sanitaryware and fittings such as bathtubs, taps or showers convey harmonious wellness that offers a relaxing experience for bathroom spaces.

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  • 08/20/2020 | FEATURES

    Terre Di Cielo™ colourful sanitaryware in bathroom design

    Nowadays, modern bathrooms are innovated and updated with new designs and technology.  In the revolution of changing how a bathroom looks, the different variants across Cielo’s entire collection of freestanding baths and basins with inspiration from natural colours - Terre di Cielo™ will brighten up your bathing space with a sense of fresh and modern. Sophistication in craftsmanship incorporated with high-quality material, the invention of colours inspired from nature - Terre di Cielo™ connects people to nature with 16 stunning colours with its own charm that are suitable to every design of bathroom spaces.


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