Inspired from the most prestigious and spectacular architectures of early Venice, the Dogana reproduces the beauty, elegance and versatility that make concrete a cutting-edge, daring while making the most of all that ceramic has to offer.


From open-plan rooms to less open settings, the impressive and eye catching colours of Dogana allow for an infinite range of functionality and elegance that match most design needs.

Size: 30 x 60 cm

Surface: Matt

Variation: V2

Application: Wall + Floor


A truly interesting option if you would like to recreate the decadent style we spoke of and lend the room substanceand character. When used in any space in the home, this DOGANA option gives it characterand depth with a nostalgic touch that stands out for being original and personal.

Capable of lending simplicity and sophistication to any multifunctional space, Dogana floor and wall tiles simulate the cement overlay or slabs used in modern architecture, makes a perfect fit with the most novel trends in interior design.

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