A sophisticated interpretation, All Marble is a floor and wall tile collection that translates the elegance of the rarest, most classical varieties of marble into design of contemporary beauty.


Available in 2 different surface finishes with distinctive veins and colours, the All Marble collection offers an innovative take on the finest marbles, perfect for any architectural settings.

Size: 60 x 60 / 60 x 120 cm

Surface: Horned/ Matt

Variation: V2/ V3

Application: Floor

Product code:  612MMCQ - 612M3A2 - 612MMGQ - 612M3A9
  612MMFJ - 612M39P - 612MMGT - 60MMGM
  60MM9E - 60M3AS

The All Marble brings exquisite elegance to any home, without compromising on practical aspects. From a living room, to a kitchen or bathroom, the collection conveys a pure material with subdued shades, offering the beauty of simplicity, for residential and commercial projects.

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