Marvel Edge tells stories about authentic beauty with contemporary and  timeless materials, in a harmonized use of spaces where the chromatic contrast provides a symphony of colors, details and styles.


5 different chromatic tones produce a unique setting that can delight us with its pure originality. The collection comes in warm, soft colours of agata, gold, white, gris and brown.

Size: 75 x 150 cm

Surface: Honed

Variation: V2/V3/V4

Application: Floor

Product Code: 75150MERO- 75150MEWH- 75150MEGO
  75150MEGR- 75150MEBR


Observing a wall adorned with Agata Azul means losing yourself in a play of quartz nuances and transfixing your gaze.

Size: 75 x 150 cm

Thickness: 10 mm

Surface: Matt

Variation: V4

Application: Wall, Floor

Product code: 75150MEAG

Because of their versatility, Marvel Edge creates a continuous harmony of style flowing from the floors to the walls, ranging from residential to commercial spaces.

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