Tele di Marmo Reloaded continues its interpretation of marble, a material of timeless charm, in contemporary keythrough an unconventional choice of sizes, finishes and decorative elements.


From Onice Klimt, a kaleidoscopic surface of shades of grey for vibrant effects with light to Fossil Brown Malevic that evokes the beauty of a marble, with strong, striking colours or Quarzo Kandinsky is inspired by one of the loveliest, most ancient materials, reimagitive marbles definitely recreate evocative images of great beauty as they flow across the surface.

Size: 120 X 240 cm

Surface: Honed

Variation: V2/ V3

Application: Floor

Product Code: 1224E04N - 1224E05U



New natural marbles find their highest expression in the large slab sizes, where the vein patterning becomes the absolute star. The flowing lines, colour shades and nuances in step with the different veins make the Tele di Marmo Reloaded fully-fledged works of art.

Size: 90 x 90 / 59 x 118.2 / 60 x 120 cm

Surface: Honed

Variation: V2 / V3

Application: Floor

Product code: 612E0E8 - 612E0E7_N - 90E0EN

A versatile collection that offers the designer an infinite series of solutions by way of designs, sizes, colours and decorative possibilities, giving life and form to tailor-made architectural projects.

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