The innovative and impressive Slimtech Timeless Marble slabs amplify and recapture the precious appearance of marble perfectly. The polished finish (Lev) of the ultra-thin laminated porcelain offers a unique rhythm to the walls, thanks to the impressive size and surfaces.


With three colours with one single size of 100 x 300 cm, Slimtech Timeless Marble is perfect for grandeur and charming spaces.

Size: 100 x 300 cm

Surface: Horned

Variation: V2

Application: Floor

Product code: 100300LSATMX0-  100300LSATMX9- 100300LSATMX1

With the new thickness of 5.5 mm, Slimtech broadens its rande of applications to make it the most suitable ceramic material, offering a more natural look and creating unique spaces, for residential and non residential projects.

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