Evolving impressive colors and polychrome veining, the signature feature of Ultra Marmi is the intense, shaded background, with a complex beauty enhanced by polychrome veining that makes it suitable for creative applications on furnishing accessories and design pieces.


Inspired by natural colors, the combination of the main Dark Olive blue tone, black, white, and yellow harmonizes the overall layout of the ceramics.

Size: 300 x 150 cm / 150 x 150 cm
150 x 75 cm / 75 x 37.5 cm / 75 x 75 cm

Surface: Matt / Honed

Application: Floor / Wall

Variation: V2 / V3

Product Code: 150300UM6L300637

Ultra Marmi with a variety of sizes, natural green color combined with colorful veins throughout ceramics is the highlight to create luxury and hi-class sense. It offers the perfect solution for residential and commercial architecture designs.

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