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  • 11/22/2021 | PROMOTION


    Come to our online store, you can easily search for hi-end tiles, wood floorings, sanitary wares from leading brands of all around the world, distributed by Vietceramics and many seasonal combo deals. All combined on one website with convenient features.


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  • 09/18/2021 | FEATURES

    Exclusive protect antibacterial technolgy for life

    Along with the development of society is the introduction of advanced technologies that bring many sustainable values ​​for wellness and the environment. Vietceramics floor and wall’s tile collections follow this tendency.  In line with these trends, PROTECT® is the outstanding antibacterial technology. An exclusive technology from Panaria Ceramica, created and developed based on the world's leading Microban® antibacterial technology, PROTECT® a true antimicrobial shield built into the ceramic product that eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria on the surface, giving your family a safe, free and relaxing living space with outstanding antibacterial features and unalterable from wear and tear and climatic conditions.

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  • 09/09/2021 | PROMOTION

    Vietceramics present “CELEBRATING HOME, CELEBRATING LOVE” promotion

    Today, the home becomes the epicentre of everything we do and more than ever before, homes have become our entire world. A home does not only mean comfort, the design combining with colours and materials as well as the organizing and arrangement is a reflection of lifestyle and personality. Celebrating the inspiration, spirit, and concept of the home, Vietceramics is introducing the “Celebrating Home, Celebrating Love” to together build inspirational living spaces with homeowners.

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