Gessi Private Wellness - Turning your bathroom into a home spa

Give your bathroom the ultimate spa treatment with relaxing aromas, luxurious accessories, and soothing colors to create a personal retreat in your own home. By making space and removing clutter, along with upgrading bathroom appliances and adding decorative touches, you can achieve a stylish and affordable spa-like atmosphere in the comfort of your own home. If you’re looking for some spa like bathroom ideas, take a cue from Italian company Gessi SpA, and get inspired by the gorgeous Gessi Private Wellness collections. The sleek, simple lines and chic finishes will stir your inner stylist to create a spa like bathroom you’ll never want to leave. These professional-grade luxury collections are an elegant bathroom essential, as lavish to the touch as they are to the eye.

It’s easy to bring the artful elegance of Italian design into your own bathroom – wherever that may be! Gessi’s creations allow the users to enjoy personal spaces that offer a daily Private Wellness® experience in which they celebrate a renewed contact with the inner self. Gessi’s “Made in Italy” bathroom products and accessories focus upon the objects’ charm and elegance, as well as their ethical content. Gessi has gained world recognition as the “designer of water”, through its offer of products that supply water in different fashions and mix it with air and light. And with its range of Private Wellness collections including Minimali, Afilo, Segni, Tremillimetri…, the object of a totally enjoyable and customizable pleasure turn it into the ultimate home spa experience.

Wake up every morning to extreme luxury with Gessi spa shower systems with a bit of extra leisure for the body and soul. Gessi has brilliantly created a shower spa series to blend wellness and health together, so the user gets rejuvenating bathing experience at home. The extravagant bathing systems provide full-body experience while water droplets gently massage and soothe your skin.

MINIMALI - Gessi Private Wellness

Gessi Private Wellness - The showerheads in the Minimali e Colour Program

The new Gessi Private Wellness showerheads feature new technology contents and methods of color therapy. They propose new mix of functions and present a wide range of new features compared to the first version. First off design, as they are in fact, available in very different forms, such as the square, round and rectangle. Moreover, they feature new technology contents and methods of color therapy. The technology of 'WATER FEELING'. Finally, the new Gessi Private Wellness remote control allows the user to choose in a progressive light intensity and color tone between 36 different tones.

The Afilo multifunction system has a very refined appearance. Light emission has been painstakingly studied to maximize the emotion and well-being like a home spa; this aim is obtained with an outer carter in very thin steel, and inclined inner walls that enhance the diffusion of light.

Segni showerhead collection - Gessi’s Private Wellness Collection is a luxury shower concept for creating a corner of wellbeing or a personal Spa in one’s own bathroom.

TREMILLIMETRI - A new fancy chapter to the minimalist elegance for the bathroom. The tremillimetri shower adds a special vibe to the daily hygienic routine.

The spa series ensures a relaxing experience by fusing several spa-inspired elements into one product. Luxury showers include rain bar downpour systems and customizable controls to help freshen up your senses each morning and also unwind your body and mind after entire day’s hectic work. The extravagant showers are available in a variety of modern styles, so you can easily choose anyone that perfectly suits your home interior. So forget old tedious showers, bring in luxury to your bathroom with Gessi spa wellness shower systems.The wellness series has been created with fine perfection to revamp showering to offer both comfort and exceptional countour designs. So, you don’t have to compromise with interior design for installing these luxurious spa systems into your lovely abode. In fact the opulent shower series will complement your decor, while taking health and hygiene to next level.

Goccia's special feature is the water drop design is the focus of the entire product. Goccia is actually a revolutionary bathroom design, create a cozy, modern and relaxing space. The products bathroom Goccia give users an experience unique and impressive for any space, from the living room to the bathroom.

Ispa fosters a human-centric approach to designing objects and develops a concept of “visual simplicity” with a concept of “Biodesign”, which is morphologically simple and organic, as inspired by biological forms. The stylistic feature of the collection is a rectangular shape made smooth by corners rounded as smoothed by the water itself. This is a friendly and reassuring form easily felt as one’s own, pleasing to the eye and to the touch.

The Gessi 316 Premium Bathroom Collection uses the "circle" symbol to create a unique look. With the exclusive AISI stainless steel, the body of tap with esthetic and decorative particulars, as texture and pattern with different themes for different taste, handles and differentiable bar, charme finishes and a contemporaous and innovative system of modular sink. The collection of faucets and accessories for Gessi 316 creates a new design language for the contemporary bathroom indoor and outdoor.

Gessi, with Rettangolo, created this pleasant dilemma in interior designers. The unedited floor standing, wall mounted and ceilingmounted Rettangolo taps with their multitude of models, versions, and coordinated modular elements opened the way to complete freedom in the design of the bathroom. Every homeowner could finally tune the furnishings to his peculiar taste, becoming the true creator of his living space.

The Gessi Mimi collection is a transitional design that is carried through from the showerhead into faucets, basins, mirrors, towel racks, towel bars, benches and soap and lotion dispensers. Co-ordinating your bathroom fixtures and fittings imbuses a sense of tranquility and helps to turn your bathroom into your own private wellness centre. With classic bathroom design style, famous producer Gessi of Italy has given homeower a whole new experience with soft and sensual feminine curves, sophisticated architectural lines and artfully conceived function. The collection not only echo classical harmony but also reinterpreted in the signature minimalism of Gessi expressing timeless beauty. The entire Mimi collection includes sinks, faucets, tubs, showers, accessories and more. All products are manufactured in Gessi Park, Italy, for utmost attention to the highest quality standards.

Whether you’re looking to remodel, renovate or just fresh up your bathroom, let’s take a look at the Gessi bathroom brand which distributed exclusively at the Vietceramics showrooms. For more information, customer can contact hotline: (84-28) 3842 2768 or visit website or Vietceramics Fanpage or Vietceramics’ showrooms.


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