1. Customer Services

  • Where are The Vietceramic showrooms located?

    You can view your nearest showroom location by clicking on the Find a Showroom link at the top of this page.

  • Do I have to work with a designer or an architect?

    It is highly encouraged that you work with an architect or interior designer on any project, but not required. As it is easier for a designer to better assess your individual needs with regards to space, light, colors, textures and lending a flow to your overall home environment.

  • How can I get a Vietceramics catalog?

    You may get a sample of Vietceramics catalog by register on website, by calling hotline 1900633094 or visiting Vietceramics showrooms.

  • How do I contact you?

    You can visit individual showroom or call our Customer Service via hotline to find out more information.

    Head office address: 778K/2 Nguyen Kiem St., Ward 4, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    Hotline: (84-8) 38457699

  • What are the lead times for in stock items?

    All in stock items are stocked in various warehouses located around the country and delivery times vary. Stocked items usually ship within 1-3 days after the order is placed. Shipping for special order, or non-stocked, items will vary depending on product ordered, quantity and destination. Please contact your nearest showroom or authorized dealer to determine the approximate time it will take to receive your order.

  • What should I consider when purchasing tile or sanitary ware?

    Key factors that should be considered include:

    Design Style: Vietceramics offers products to fit a range of traditional, transitional and modern design styles offering flexible choices for any project.

    Functionality and Quality: Vietceramics’products aresourced from the top tile and bathroom brands in the worldto ensure that you will find a suitable solution for every setting.

    Price Point: Vietceramics offers a range of products from moderate to luxury price points.

    Comprehensive Options: Vietceramics’ collections offer a complete program of components including a selection of tiles, mosaics, sinks, consoles and bath accessories to properly complete your project.

    Finishes: Vietceramics bathroom ware collections offer a range of standard finish options including Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Brass. We also offer a range of specialty finishes to add unique character to your project including Pewter, Charcoal, Gun Metal, Weathered Copper, and Weathered Brass.

    For purchase of tile, you must always verify that the tile is suitable for the intended use. The product you are purchasing is processed and manufactured to achieve certain effects of color and texture. Although manufactured and processed tiles may be more uniform, they can also have variations in color and texture. Shade variation may range from V1 to V4.In addition, the color of any sample may display differently when large amounts of the color are visible.

  • What are your purchasing terms and conditions?


    You or your representative must inspect any tile or bathroom products upon delivery and must promptly notify the product sales representative of Vietceramics of any problems or dissatisfaction with the product delivered. If there is a damage claim, Vietceramics must have sufficient time after notification to inspect the damage. You are to keep the product secure until inspected.

    Returns & Refunds

    No goods will be taken back unless agreed by Management. Refund will be provided only in the following cases:

    1. Tiles are eligible to return in the original state or condition in which they were supplied, and remain in original boxes together with all packaging and instruction material within 1 week of delivery. If there is surplus of 5% after completion of your job, we will refund any tiles in their original boxes and customer will bear the cost of delivery.

    2. Bathroom fittings and sanitaryware are non returnable if the packaging has been opened and inspected by customer. Spare part and accessorises (if any) can not be exchanged.
    Please check all goods on receipt of delivery. The cost of returning the goods once delivered is at your own cost and risk.

    3. Adhesives and grout are not returnable.

    4. All goods must be checked by the customer as soon as possible and if any damages are noticed at time of delivery then the Proof of Delivery must be signed stating damaged or possibly damaged.

    5. Discount or complimentary products might subjected to return.


    Due to our product variety, product warranty will be advised directly by our sales or showroom associates.

  • What is the delivery policy?

    Delivery service is free of charge for urban areas.  For other provinces, delivery fee will be applied. Please contact your nearest showroom for additional delivery charge that may apply. Due to the heavy nature of our tile and bathroom products we strongly recommend that these are delivered and stored in a dry external location. Due to the breakable nature of our products, it is important to reduce any unnecessary handling.

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2. Tile Purchasing, Installation & Product Care

  • What is the difference between a wall tile and a floor tile?

    There is a general rule - Every floor tile is a wall tile, but no wall tiles are floor tiles. The difference between a wall and a floor tile is the durability they are designed to withstand. A floor tile is designed to withstand both (1) the wear and tear of shoes and footwear constantly making contact with the surface and (2) the weight of people, furniture and other heavy objects. A floor tile simply means it is suitable to use on the floor however any tile will be perfectly fine on the wall*.

    *The suitability of a floor tile on a wall may depend on the substrate. As some floor tiles are considerably heavy, you must ensure that your wall substrate can handle the excess weights.

  • Can I tile myself?

    Tiling can be a tricky process, but it is definitely something you can undertake yourself. Check out our How to DIY section of our website – it’s full of tips and guide for tiling!

  • What is a tile’s R rating?

    Ceramic and Porcelain tiles designed for wet areas should be tested by one of either a (i) Wet Pendulum or (ii) Oil-Wet Ramp test with the R rating referring to the result of the Oil Wet Ramp test. The R rating of a tile refers to its level of slip resistance in a wet area with R ratings ranging from R9 to R14 where the higher the rating equals a greater level of slip resistance. Any tile exhibiting an R rating of R9 or above is typically suitable for a wet area however some commercial applications will higher R rating and this should be considered before purchasing a product for a wet area. Always keep in mind that although a tile may offer slip resistance, ceramic and porcelain tiles may still be slippery in wet areas and precautions should always be taken to ensure the risk of slipping is minimized.

  • Do you recommend ordering "extra" tile for projects?

    Yes. It's recommended to order 10% - 15% extra based upon pattern layout to accommodate for cuts and future repairs. Availability and style of tiles are always changing so having an extra box or two on hand is highly recommended.

  • What materials and tools are needed for tile installations?

    Depending on the product being installed and the installation area, each project is unique and may require different tools to complete the job. In general, you will need level, googles, sponge, wet saw, trowel... If you have questions, please visit your local showroom or contact our Customer Service Representatives at (84-8) 38422768.

  • Do you offer tile installation education to customers?

    Yes, Vietceramics offer multiple tile installation education tools, including:
    • One-on-one installation guidance from our quality control associates (appointment necessary).
    • Various resources such as "how-to" articles, problem solving tools, and planning and installation tips and guides in the Customer Service section of our website
    • Free in-showroom educational "How to Tile" workshops, available upon request at your nearest showroom.

  • How long does it take to install tile?

    Each tile project is unique and will depend on a few different things: the product being used, the space where the product is being installed, and how much time was spent on prep & layout. Vietceramics offers assistance through installation guide, and free DIY seminars in each of our showrooms.

  • How do I determine grout joint size?

    There are multiple considerations when determining your grout joint. These include, but are not limited to appearance, maintenance, traffic, finish/edge and material. Vietceramics recommended the minimum grout line width of 3 – 5 mm joint in order to offset the even minimum manufacturing tolerances, avoidance of thermal or moisture movement and better waterproofing.

  • What color grout should I use with my tile?

    Grout is as much a personal option as selecting your tile. Vietceramics can make suggestions based on what's commonly used but we strongly suggest that you select the color that is right for you and your design objective. For more advice about your specific project visit your local showroom or contact our Customer Service team at (84-8) 38422768.

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3. Sanitary Ware

  • What water pressure is required for the taps and showers in the Vietceramics range?

    For optimum performance, a water pressure of between 1 – 5 bar is recommended for the majority of brassware in the range. Details of requirements for individual products can be found on the website, in the bathroom brochure and the Bathroom Technical Guide.

  • How can I check the water pressure in my property?

    You will need to check the type of system that is installed - Is there a tank in the loft? If so, this means you have a gravity system, the height of this tank above the outlet will give a rough indication of the available pressure - the measurement should be taken from the base of the loft tank to the outlet (every meter distance is equal to 0.1 bar). If there is no tank in the property then the system is either using a mains pressure unvented system, or a combination boiler, in which case there is likely to be more than 1.0 bar pressure available. Your installer should be able to obtain a pressure reading using a suitable test gauge and offer advice.

  • Are the toilet cisterns water saving? What water capacity will the toilet cistern hold?

    In line with water regulations, the water capacity of the toilet cisterns are restricted to a maximum 6 litre flush.

  • What other products do I need to install a wall hung toilet pan?

    A wall hung toilet pan will require a combined wall frame and cistern. Please speak to the showroom for further advice on the products available.

  • Which taps and waste fittings will fit my bath and basin?

    There are a number of choices of taps and wastes available. Suggested compatible products for each bath and basin are listed in the Bathroom Technical Guide.

  • What is the benefit of a thermostatic shower compared to a non-thermostatic shower?

    A thermostatic shower will provide the following benefits to the user:

    1. A steady temperature while showering, with no temperature fluctuations.

    2. A maximum temperature, preventing any risk of possible scolding.

  • How do I clean my chrome taps and showers?

    Please ensure all chrome plated brassware products are cleaned regularly using a clean, soft, damp cloth only. Abrasive cleaners or detergents must not be used as they may cause surface deterioration. For best results ensured the chrome is dried with a suitable soft dry cloth. IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE CORROSIVE CHEMICALS TO CLEAN CHROME.

  • How do I clean my sanitary ware?

    The glazed finish of your sanitary ware should be cleaned by applying a small amount of a suitable cream cleaner. Apply using a sponge or damp cloth and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Cleaners containing abrasive ingredients or materials should be avoided.

  • How do I clean black marks from my ceramic product?

    The black marks can be caused by metal rubbing against the ceramic surface. The metal (generally stainless steel) is softer than the ceramic and is deposited onto the surface of the ceramic if it is rubbed against it. Generally Cif cream cleaner will remove the marks, alternatively a "bath rubber" can be purchased and used to rub away the mark.

  • Do you have product dimensions, technical drawings and fitting instructions?

    Please see our website or alternatively email for product dimensions, technical drawings and fitting instructions.

  • What is a "quarter turn tap"?

    Traditionally taps used a washer to open and close the water flow, this required the control handle to be rotated through 360 degrees and several times to open or close the tap. A quarter turn tap uses a ceramic disc cartridge instead of a washer, this allows the tap to operate by simply turning the control handle through 90 degrees to control the flow of water.

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4. Design Services

  • What 's included in the Vietceramics’ complimentary design services?

    Our store associates are tile professionals who will help you select, design, and order tile and accessories that are tailored to your specific design style. They are prepared to discuss your tiling ideas and offer helpful suggestions about arrangement, materials and maintenance to help you create that dream room from start to finish.

  • What should I bring with me to my design consultation?

    For an exceptional experience, we recommend you bring the following: Blue prints, Dimensions of the space including the floor and wall, Samples of other elements being used (cabinetry, carpet, paint, etc.), Photos of your project space and surrounding areas, Any inspiration you have collected…

  • Can Vietceramics help me find a local interior designer?

    Yes, each Vietceramics showroom has a list of preferred Pro Network partners and local trade professionals that can serve as a reference to you upon request.

  • Do you have any additional photos of your materials installed?

    Yes, many photos are available for viewing in our Inspiration section. We often share new photos on our Facebook and Pinterest pages.

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