Vietceramics invites customer to explore virtual tour of Vietceramics 102 Nguyen Khanh Toan

Constantly striving to showcase the latest trends of home solutions for the needs of today, Vietceramics recently introduced a 24/7 virtual showroom, an online platform with fabulous settings for living space that allow architects, interior designers, and homeowners to involve interactively and further creating greater certainty for their product choices. With diverse settings from modern bathrooms to the inspired living rooms, customers now can visit the showroom and keep up to date with the latest and most innovative designs and trends in bathrooms, tiles, and wood floorings from the comfort of home. Conveniently and easily with just a simple click, customers can easily interact and explore the 3D space of the entire showroom, choosing the location to visit, zooming in, out, sizing tool as well as find out product details through featured product tags.

To fully appreciate the extent of our product range, a visit to our 1500 sq. ft. showroom is a must. With thousands of products on display and unrivaled collections of bathrooms, tiles, and wood floors, customers can browse and discover latest trends and solutions from big slabs, anti-slip or antibacterial features to bathroom designs dedicated to and wellness experience.


> Visit the space in video mode, step by step, dollhouse or floorplan
> Measure the size of products and spaces.
> Answer to every curiosity thanks to the different pins that offer information and anecdotes.

  • Tile applications for sample room space from the living room, bedroom to the bathroom with a variety of design styles, sizes, and surfaces ( marble tiles, …)
  • Large-format tiles or big slabs with diverse sizes, materials, and finishes and comprehensive solutions are some of the developments that stand out in this interactive space, where innovation and design come together in each collection.
  • Vietceramics is also home to the premium and leading iconic Italian bathrooms brands and our extensive showroom has over 30 full, real-life bathroom settings so you can get a better picture of how the designs would suit your home. From Gessi bathroom … well-being sensory design, Devon & Devon…Villeroy &Boch to Cielo customised colour and VitrA an aesthetic line comprising …. washbasins, bathtubs, toilets whose versatility makes them easy to install in all types of projects.

Goccia bathroom setting (Gessi)

Devon&Devon classic bathroom setting

Venticello Bathroom setting (Villeroy & Boch)

VitrA bathroom setting

Cielo colorful design bathroom setting

Homeowners who love a touch of nature are invited to explore this wood look area.

Inspiring living area with use of Tele di Marmo Revolution

A virtual showroom Vietceramics tour is not just a simple walkthrough, it is more about imagination, engagement, and also a virtual meeting space in which the customers can dialogue, share experiences and seek effective solutions with the new products we present. It is about strengthening dialogue and creativity when it comes to design. To schedule a guided tour, request samples, or receive more information about our products, reach out to your Vietceramics Representative or contact us. If you are looking for a design consultation then these 1:1 sessions are also available..


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