Vietceramics presents digital catalogue editions 2021

A space that balances form and function, contemporary design language with a distinct personality, design that connects with architecture and nature - new design trends serving as a great reference point for homeowners, architects and interior designers, are now reflected along with Vietceramics new digital catalog editions. With 3 main product categories – floor and wall tiles, sanitarywares, fittings and wooden floors (variety of origin, design, size and budget), the 2021 Digital Catalog editions are officially here and we’ve thoroughly reviewed it to bring you a quick-reference list of the trends to watch this season.


Since the many benefits of nature in design – called biophilia in the industry – have long been touted, but have taken on a new importance, people seek to ‘bring the outside in through biophilia and the artful inclusion of natural elements in indoor spaces, from commercial to residential settings. This design practice commonly uses a rich array of natural materials or nature-inspired materials such as wood floorings, wood-look tiles,  stone-look tiles, marble-look tiles. It tends to use an abundance of plants indoors, soft colors, natural inspired shapes, and also maximizes natural light with floor-to-ceiling doors and windows. This living room does a lovely job of combining the wood look floor tile with high ceiling, and large windows, making the house airy and fresh and providing a balanced visual connection, making the house airy and fresh.


If natural and wood looks are a biophilic design must-have as the timber elements become calm spaces and tension anchors for the overall design, natural stone tiles, specifically marble or terrazzo, directly bring an earthy touch to the home, as these materials offer a polished finish but with a natural look. And you can coordinate this element with wood materials to make a simple break but the space is still modern and luxurious.





In line with the overarching interiors trend toward nature, people are looking to their bathrooms to connect with the outdoors. As a consequence of this, bathroom design is inspired more and more by wellness retreats and spas. Greenery, walk-in showers, freestanding baths and natural materials are all together combined to stimulate our senses and improve our wellness In this space, the homeowner harmoniously combines eye-catching onyx marble tiles, with the natural organic shape of sanitarywares from bathtubs, faucets and toilets to washbasin, with verdant shades of the cabinetry to create a relaxing elegant bathroom.


Large-format tiles offer a striking appearance that’s guaranteed to turn your head when you enter the room. Large slabs are as elegant as they are durable and safe. Fewer grout lines help to promote a more hygienic space because fewer bacteria can harbor in between tiles. 

From elegant calacatta, breccia marbles, crosscut and linear travertines, seductive onyx, and glamorous agate to book-match veining and dramatic colors in both soothing and energizing ways, large format ranges from Vietceramics are placing them in conversation with each other. Wanderlust, Marvel Shine or Slimtech Delights are a few outstanding large-format tile collections that promise to bring a lot of inspiration to choose from in interior designs in 2021-2022



Colors are also trending for design this year, and here it's encapsulated perfectly both in tiles as well as sanitarywares and fittings. Look out for dark and warmer tones that are expected to be popular this year. If tiles in earthy colors and tactile finishes make the perfect antidote to cold and clinical, black taps or a black basin definitely add definition with individuality. The untreated timber look also works well, this time by echoing the natural, warm mood.  Warmer metallic tones such as copper and brass, also help to create visual impact and change the mood from functional to indulgent. You can also get creative and cover other surfaces in the same color – such as example this bathroom, in fact, options can be endless!


Ultra Marmi

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Another suggestion with color is that you can use bright, natural tones such as green, ocher, beige, blue... to give the space a natural sense of calm and harmony. Try a marble floor with colors like blue and combined with other neutral colors such as cream, brown, gray, wooden furniture, or decorative items to bring a feeling of freshness and modernity to living space.


The Room




With the latest developments in technology, home design will continue to become more personalized, in particular tiles, sanitarywares, or wood floorings. For example,  Villeroy & Boch is leading the trend with its traditions and innovations in technology like CeramicPlus to ensure dirt prevention, DirectFlush for splash-free water flow and water savings, TitanCeram or Quaryl® technology for robust surfaces and durable quality, or Color On Demand for color customization. Whereas Gessi ‘s extreme attention to form and finishing details in each range of taps and showerheads from Retangollo, Goccia to Cono or Private Wellness to form water flows and transformed a daily use object into a  work of art.

Villeroy & Boch - Squaro Edge 

Gessi Rettangolo K

Gessi Private Wellness

Villeroy & Boch Finion

With recent emphasis on hygiene and safety in the home, especially in high-use areas like kitchens and bathrooms, we’re likely to see more people opting for materials that are more hygienic and easy to clean. This trend can be seen in different range from  exclusive antibacterial technology available in Bio Select that eliminating 99.9% of bacteria from the surface to Lume or Moon with Stepwise that boasts high slip resistance, soft to the touch and also very easy to clean.

Bio Select




Times are changing and so are our homes. Multifunctional and borderless rooms are becoming more and more frequent, such as a bedroom which is also a bathroom or home office, or a living room is also a dining area and kitchen. This is a typical lifestyle in the midst of modern life, prioritizing functional solutions while optimally satisfying visual aesthetics. Following this trend, the cluster of open spaces combining the living room, dining room, and kitchen areas not only meets the needs of users but also shows the balance in proportion, enhancing the experience. 

The kitchen and dining space are in harmony between materials and design lines, using wood look tiles as a zoning solution. The system of cabinets and kitchen island plays a central role, both as a quick place to work every morning, to relax after a long day or simply sip a cup of coffee in the middle of the day.



Ardesia 2


Lastly, we now begin to find elements of the bathroom in the bedroom, for example, basins and freestanding baths or the bathroom are flexibly connected to the bedroom. Minimal décor design goes hand in hand with these new concepts of space, with large format tiles creating continuous surfaces are the design solution for floor and wall coverings.

Gessi - Goccia Black Metal

Granilla Polish

There are loads more items in our summer sale, so be sure to browse through our showrooms nationwide today and find the perfect tiles, wood flooring, or bathroom and sanitaryware selections for your tastes and requirements today. And if you have any questions, drop the Vietceramics team a message or give us a call on 0797555299.

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