Bathroom trends 2021 – 5 inspiring new looks for your bathroom

With every new year comes the urge to reboot, there’s no doubt that the bathroom is the ideal space to begin your design refresh. The bathroom design team from Vietceramics has teamed up with leading brand partners to bring you the key pieces that will ensure your bathroom truly stands the test of time. From floorings to faucets, from health to relaxation experience, these bathroom trends will lead the way in 2021.

Wellness in bathroom design

Panoramic views like those in the Joali Resort ( Maldive) are refreshingly beautiful in summer. This nature-inspired design, inspired by a “cocooning” mood is a great way for people to wrap themselves in comfort and a quiet sense of luxury. To able to achieve this mood, sanitaryware and bathroom fittings from Gessi Equilibrio, Goccia, Cono are perfectly provided an inspirational wellness experience with delicate and subtle designs.

Joali Resort

This trend continues to lead the way in bathroom design in 2021. Often combined with naturally inspired materials such as terrazzo, marble look tiles, and sanitary wares and accessories designed for the wellness experience such as massaging showers, hydrotherapy baths, or state-of-the-art saunas that further bring moments of complete relaxation.

Bathroom – Blurring the line between exterior and interior

Here, that is what’s coming for bathrooms on the world’s design scene: the bathroom has a fluid connection with either bedroom or other home premise. The space between the garden and the bathroom was not the only thing to disappear, the bathroom is now flexibly connected with the bedroom or other indoor spaces. Regardless of the style, color, or spatial configuration, open space is an elegant, practical, stylish, and surprisingly elegant design choice for modern designs. Those particular designs optimize the application of natural materials such as wood look or marble look tiles in combination with delicate design from sanitarywares, further bringing natural and trendy beauty to this house.

Goccia bathroom design follows the trend of open space

And speaking of what one can achieve with this trend, here is one amazing example of delicate beauty and smooth magic.  This Goccia room setting by Gessi takes the fluid shape of a droplet for a subtle, of-the-moment twist on the minimalism trend. Equipped with technology that aims to halve water consumption, it is not only visually striking but environmentally conscious too, meeting the increasing demand for sustainable products.

M O D E R N  M I N I M A L I S M

Bathroom design requires the orientation of a lifestyle, together with enjoyment, and relaxation rather than focusing on many unnecessary interiors. This year of Brave New World color goes hand in hand with warmer toned surfaces, real-looking wood, and more curved, stronger preferences towards brass, black, and colored fixtures like faucets, showerheads, and handle-ware.

Gessi 316 

With a stylish and modern design language, bathroom fittings revolving around an eclectic mix of taps from black to brass in an array of materials to ensure that everything sings harmoniously with modern, sleek alcoves, bright tiles, and the latest tech. A stellar example from the Gessi 316 range, this Brushes Brass Outdoor shower is a good example of modern design with unlimited design application. We anticipate that more and more bathrooms will start to incorporate these bold designs throughout 2021.

Gessi Outdoor

And if you want to find ideas for a modern classic bathroom, the Devon & Devon Marlene console washbasin with Dandy deck mounted 3 hole basin set inspired by the 18th century is perfectly offered a charming relaxing space for the home.

Console Marlene (Devon & Devon)

Or, the designs from the pastel colors of Cielo will perfectly deliver a flair of modern, artistic, and vintage beauty to the bathroom. The below bathroom is designed with delicate lines, warm wood colors combined with a coral blue color range from Ciele Le Giare are perfect for individual who looks for ocean bathroom ideas.

Cielo Le Giare

Wall hung toilets

When planning a bathroom, it is important to create a sense of openness even if your actual space is limited. Revealing as much floor as possible gives the impression of a larger room, so consider wall-mounting basins or WCs. This will also make cleaning hard-to-reach areas much easier. Paired with a compact, wall-hung toilet, they can really maximize the space.  ViClean L6 smart toilet (Villeroy & Boch) or Metropole smart toilet (VitrA) with its superior technology, selection of a heated seat, air purification, bidet and drying functions, touch-sensitive smart control panels optimize the flush cycle to use the minimum amount of water will definitely help to keep the bathroom space cool and clean. And with clean lines, smooth surfaces, wall-mount installations, smart toilets eliminate the nooks and exposed plumbing of more traditional models, making cleaning the exterior easier, too.

VitrA Metropole wall toilet with superior technology

Unique tile applications

A recurring trend in 2021 interiors, expect to see ceramic and porcelain tiles that mimic natural hardwood finishes and high-contrast marbles. These nature-inspired looks are in line with the emerging organic style that has gained traction in many bathroom designs this year.  Available in a wide variety of colorings, markings, and veinings, the trend is included from tiles with exclusive technology for antimicrobial floor and wall coverings, to larger format tiles with "book-matching", "vein-matching" or incorporating greens, blues, yellows, basically anything a bit out of the ordinary to make their own mark.

Ultra Agata 

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