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A perfect living space always defined with the sophistication of colors and exquisite arrangements that show the flair and taste of the homeowners. Today, homeowners tend to focus more on details of each little corner in the house with the use of impressive interior designs to create a comfortable and relaxing space. Without exception, the application of suitable floor and wall tiles will further enhance comfort and shapes the homeowners' lifestyle with individual signature.

In line with creating a signature and inspired space for each homeowner, Vietceramics is exclusively introducing inspiring design styles, that perfectly expressing the aesthetic sense of elegance and luxury for the home.



A modern and classy space with big slab formats

Creative inspiration offers diverse experience with exquisite sense, the versatility of large format tiles is restricted only by your imagination, from commercial to residential projects. Known as one of the revolutionary technological trends with large sizes including 90x270cm, 120x240cm, 120x260cm, 120x278cm or 160x320cm, big slab tiles are durable, easy-to-clean, scratch-resistant surface, fewer grout lines over the same surface area. These are ideal for diverse applications from the impressive lobby, large living room to a modern bathroom or cozy kitchen. In particular, large format tiles can be used to make a dining table, tea table, kitchen countertop or island to lavabo cabinets that further bring the modern and elegant beauty to any space.

All Marble

 All Marble

A colorful and modern space

The sophisticated taste in selecting furniture and colors define the individuality and lifestyle of homeowners. Homeowners can opt for trendy design by combining neutral colors: white, gray with inspired designs from natural materials like luxurious marble tiles. Leading in the latest tile trends, marble tiles with an exquisite selection of colors and sizes become the main focus of any interior space. Highlights ranging from the diverse selection from calacatta to onice are included in this year's trendy designs. Latest collections like All Marble, Bianco, or Tele Di Marmo (Italy) will lead the interior trend with the tastefully sophisticated symphony of comfort and luxury.

marble Tele Di Marmo

marble Tele Di Marmo

Meanwhile, decorative ranges with varied and distinctive selections from pattern tiles, hexagonal to 3D tiles perfectly add interests to the interiors with personality and aesthetic that shown flair of the homeowner. The latest collection of 3D tiles, Oxidart Patchwork decorative selection or Azulej patterns with impressive designs will bring individuality and brighten a livable living space.



A stunning and modern space for every taste

The reduction of heavy toward integrated integration in space arrangement is increasingly popular. Those designs are inspired by natural materials like stone or cement looks with shiny, translucent surfaces, smooth textures and subtle colors will further bring modern beauty to any spaces. The collection of natural stone tiles including Klif or Limerock (Italy) offers a flexible choice and highly applicable to indoor and outdoor design projects.

 Bộ sưu tập gạch vân đá Lime-Rock


Homeowners are inspired by natural and minimalist designs can look forward to the trendy designs of wood look tiles with signature styles. Inspired by the natural wood tones, wood-look tiles can easily be applied in residential spaces even in damp areas like kitchens, bathrooms or outdoor areas. The latest collection of wood look tiles including Prooak, Wood 1A4 (Italy) and Tree (Portugal) will perfectly fit in an elegant and cozy space with warm beauty.



So, choosing a beautiful and suitable floor and wall tiles are an important beginning in shaping the "soul" of every living space. The latest collections from the world's leading brands, cutting edge technology, beautiful design, impressive and superior features including easy maintenance, antibacterial surface, and mold prevention will bring the inspiration and beauty of elegance to any living space.

Vietceramics exclusive offer is now applied to all 500 diverse collections of the imported floor and wall tiles from leading European brands including Emil Group, Marrazzi, Coem, Atlas Concorde, Living Ceramics or other top-notch Asian brands

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