Dress your home with wood-look tiles

The wood-look tile continues to be the prevalent floor trends for the year ahead. As more home owners are looking at a Scandinavian, post-industrial or mid-Century interior design, these exquisite and realistic tiles rose in popularity. Another reason for the demand of the wood effect tile is due to its outstanding characteristics. Tiles are highly durable and relatively much easier to maintain and upkeep than other flooring. It is water resistant and does not scratch as easily.

Vietceramics offers a wide range of wood effect tiles for selection. Here are some of our favourite collections:


Treverktrend is a collection which aims to contribute to the soul of a place. With strong emphasis on the detail of the wood grains imprinted on the tile and strong colour variation, the collection is set for a wood effect with a forthright character.


The natural colours and emotional and tactile appeal of Treverkhome's perfect impression of oak wood bring a touch of nature to any modern space. From retail spaces to living rooms, kitchens and washrooms, this colour depth knows no bounds with its functionality, modern design and balanced cosmopolitan ambiance.

Etic Pro

Inspired by four soughtafter and exclusive wood essences with a marked character and strong personality, the wood look porcelain tile surfaces of Etic PRO collection evoke a selection of prestigious and original wooden essences with a cutting, sharp and modern character.


Inspired from the mystery of its origins of dead woods, Woodtalk is a new type of wood being chosen by a large number of architects and interior designers. Its distinctive colouring effects, raw and bare surface are all very different but united by the colour shades decreed by time.


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