How to install and grout large format tiles?

One of the latest trends today is the versatility of large-format tiles which highlight living space and are a great choice for interior design such as bars, bathrooms, kitchen islands. , desks, product display cabinets... With outstanding advantages in size, large format tiles have high aesthetics with fewer grout lines over the same surface area, are also convenient for cleaning and maintenance. As a result, large format tiles bring many new ideas to architects and designers to create iconic projects. In this article, Vietceramics will show you how to install large format tiles.

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Preparation before installation

Before starting the installation process, make sure the laying surface is well cured, flat and completely clean. Next step is choosing an appropriate adhesive, which is very essential for a correct installation.

You should choose the most suitable adhesive on the basis of the following factors:

  • Type of bed;
  • Type and size of tile;
  • Use of tiled surface (floor/wall; indoor/outdoor);
  • Weather conditions at the time of laying;
  • Waiting time before the ceramic surface can be used.


In Vietnam, the commonly used large format tile adhesive is a C2 - based Weber, Sika... When laying it is necessary to comply with the timing indicated by the manufacturer of the adhesives being used. When laying, do not mark the surface of the material with pencils (graphite) or with indelible felt tip pens, especially in the case of polished products. All Vietceramics large format tile collections are made in Italy, created by highly durable materials, variety of finishes with high aesthetics and applicability to many spaces from houses, apartments to commercial buildings.


Large tiles installation instruction:

How to install large format tiles on the floor

When laying large tiles on screed, you should follow these step below:


How to install large format tiles on the wall

These step by step instructions will help you to install large tiles on the wal:


At the end of the process, after installing large tiles on the floor and walls, you need to complete the following step. Please note that the grout needs at least 24 hours to entirely dry and strongly bond the tiles:

  • Remove leveling system
  • Grouting the joint after 24h
  • Clean grout
  • Apply silicone to joints
  • Completion site cleaning after few days depending on the grout

Hopefully, the guideline above can be helpful to your laying process. For your information, please check out the step-by-step instruction video about how to install and grout large format tiles.


Vietceramics Big-slab collection

The trend toward large-format tile continues, with the biggest this year coming, available at 90x180, 90x270, 120x240, 120x260, 120x278 or 160x320. Ideal for high-end hotel lobbies, sleek commercial applications or can be used in the living room or even bathrooms as an artwork, Xl size tiles in interior design reduces investment in a project because it can be used to over-tile, with no need to remove and treat the ceramic that is being replaced. Here are some large format tiles collections available in Vietceramics showrooms.

 Marvel Shine


Marvel XL

 Ultra Agata

Ultra Crystal

Ultra Marmi


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