LOVE (WOOD) FOR LIFE: Exclusive technology from Quick-Step sets a new standard in engineered wood flooring to bring nature indoors

Love for Life is the actual meaning of biophilic design - bio (life) philic (love). When we need the calm and harmony, we find in nature while seeking protection in our homes. Authentic real wood floors are the perfect way of linking the outside indoors, and thanks to this brand-new Quick-Step technology, even wood floors are able to stand the test of time and maintain their good looks for a lifetime. From now on,  you can now have carefree enjoyment of the warmth of wood.


The biophilic design trend is not just emerging in architecture but in contemporary interiors too. Besides key concepts like restraint, ecology, sustainability, and craftsmanship, spatial aspects such as daylight, green views and natural ventilation/ green walls, wooden floors and light encapsulating windows and integrating outdoor space. The boundaries between inside and outside become blurred. And why not combine with natural colors such as linen, wool, rattan, and wood? Or perhaps you would like to have a go yourself at craft techniques such as macramé and pottery. Not that good at crafting? Don't worry! Plants are the easiest way of bringing nature indoors. And if you really want to create the feeling of an indoor garden, you can even opt for a completely green wall.

Engineered wood Castello

Engineered wood Villa

Engineered wood Palazzo

Quick-Step eases maintenance worries for engineered wood with Wood for Life/ Effortless maintenance

Finally, you can also carry the look of natural materials through to the base of your home: the floor. With a Quick-Step real wood floor, you don't just bring everything indoors, you can get carefree enjoyment from it thanks to the new Wood for Life varnish technology. The traditional inconveniences of maintaining a wooden floor are a thing of the past thanks to Quick-Step innovation. Each plank has been treated with a protective coating so that dirt and dust can no longer gather in the pores of the wood. Because the first signs of wear and tear are particularly visible in corners and at seams, the joints between the wooden planks are provided with an extra protective coating. This does not just make it easier to remove dirt and dust but also prevents moisture seeping between the planks and leaving fungal spores behind. So you can have carefree enjoyment of the natural warmth of wood, without fear of moisture, dirt, or stains. Thanks to Wood for Life, this type of damage belongs to the past.

Dirty pores: Traditional wooden floors – unless they are lacquered – often have a somewhat rough structure. This causes dirt and dust to get stuck, making the floor look dingy. With the new coating, the pores are protected against dirt, preventing it from getting in.

Dark edges and dust: It isn't only the pores that are susceptible to dust. On many wooden floors, the first signs of aging are visible at the edges of the planks and between the joints. With Wood for Life, the dust doesn’t get the chance to pile up in the crevices.

Dark and dirty grain: The grain is what gives a floor its unique personality. But without proper protection, it will become dark and dirty with time. The coating ensures that the floor is easier to clean and prevents dirt from entering the wood.

White bevel/edges: As moisture gets trapped between the joints and evaporates, it discolors the wood and damages the lacquer. The new varnish technology prevents this from happening and lets you remove dirt and moisture faster and easier than ever before.


Quick-Step wood flooring collection is exclusively available at all Vietceramics showrooms nationwide.

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