Today design trends focus more on personalization, honor living spaces with distinctive value, and well-being play a vital role. Following this trend, each design aspect related to wellness as well as utilities are studied to meet the functioning requirements from taps to ceramics: the shape, the choice of materials, external details such as surfaces, treatments, and icons. 

Reputable projects from stunning hotel resorts to private residences and even public and commercial places are perfect examples of design trends that focus on wellness and relaxing experience in private personal space. These couture-like designs are a true celebration of colorful and lively stories to each and every living space. With this philosophy, Vietceramics introduce to you typical projects that harmoniously combine visual aesthetics and usability, refined in each material to bring a space of inspiration, comfort, and generosity, from floorings to sanitaryware, from health to relaxation experience. 

Movenpick Resort Phu Quoc

Enjoying the beauty of the tropical seas combined with the rich natural landscape and respecting a distinctly local flavor in architecture, Movenpick Resort Phu Quoc offers guests a luxurious elegant, and classy living space. The main hall area and the common living use a stone-look tile collection with the anti-slip function that brings sophisticated, harmonious, and balanced space between multi-layered interiors and the vast space stretches through the peaceful doorway. The overall color palette is reduced to warm dark tones and natural materials such as stone-look tiles or wooden floors to bring warmth, cozy, and peace to this space.

Luxurious and elegant living space at the main lobby

Five-star hotel Glow Scenia Bay (Nha Trang)

Glow Scenia Bay project has a natural architectural space as well as interior design with natural, gentle tones and textures, giving users a relaxing and comfortable experience.

Admire panoramic views in the bathrooms overlooking the Nha Trang beach

Nature-inspired design with grey stone-look tile in the bathroom is a great way to wrap in comfort and a quiet sense of luxury. To able to achieve this mood, sanitaryware and bathroom fittings from Gessi including Eleganza, Rettangolo, Goccia, and Private Wellness are perfectly provided an inspirational wellness experience with delicate and subtle designs.

Five-star hotel Hilton Danang

Hilton Danang  - a Hilton Luxury Apartment hotel complex, a modern office tower, and a luxury apartment with a prime location in the heart of Da Nang city features a good mix of tranquil beaches with clear blue waters, fantastic historical sites, vibrant theme parks, and majestic cultures. Hilton Danang creates a luxurious and private living space whereas visitings guests can admire the stunning countless beautiful sceneries of Danang from five-star hotels: Han River, Dragon Bridge,... The tile and wood flooring collections with diverse surfaces and textures in warm tones bring modern and aesthetic beauty to this project.

Luxurious bar design with a beautiful coastal view

Hilton Danang integrates cutting-edge materials into utilities and living space design to create the most elegant and classy experiences. The design perfectly makes the most of natural light and prevailing wind direction delivers a perfect experience with relaxation moments to each and every guest.

Metro Line No. 1

Metro Line 1 is an important architectural project with a modern character. Various tile collections from Vietceramics have used that help to create a balance between aesthetic and function for this project which is an excellent example of public architecture. From dedicated areas for the lobby, ticket vending machinesautomatic toll gates to metro platform, where trains stop and park to pick up and drop off passengers were characterized by neutral and minimal hues, with modern design to ensures the utmost functionality and aesthetic continuity spaces. Innovative tiles solutions with anti-slip technology, tactile paving for visually impaired people. In particular, Ba Son Station's design is based on the architecture of Ba Son Shipyard, with a white color tone and wave-shaped ceiling reminiscent of the Saigon River.

The Lobby of Metro line No.1 

Elite Fitness at Vincom Center Nguyen Chi Thanh

Elite Fitness - a five-star fitness center is designed with the highest quality. Each of the interior spaces has been meticulously and beautifully designed with an effective functions that make a high-quality gym space. The excellent technical performance and exclusive aesthetics of the tile collections from stone look to wood look provide lively, elegant, and modern space with functionality including slip resistance, easy to clean to this space.

Elite Fitness's gym at Vincom Center Nguyen Chi Thanh


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