Terre Di Cielo™ colourful sanitaryware in bathroom design

Nowadays, modern bathrooms are innovated and updated with new designs and technology.  In the revolution of changing how a bathroom looks, the different variants across Cielo’s entire collection of freestanding baths and basins with inspiration from natural colours - Terre di Cielo™ will brighten up your bathing space with a sense of fresh and modern. Sophistication in craftsmanship incorporated with high-quality material, the invention of colours inspired from nature - Terre di Cielo™ connects people to nature with 16 stunning colors with its own charm that are suitable to every design of bathroom spaces.

Impressive colours inspired by nature

The range of unique colours on ceramics surface for bathroom interior, based on nature inspiration: 

Talco: Mineral flakes and small crystals turn into a soft, milky white powder contaminated by brownish points.

Talco in Cielo colored bathroom

Arenaria: The sedimentary origin of sandstone combines different shades of grey in a single, elegant color that bears witness to its lithic nature.

Arenaria in Cielo coloured bathroom

Cemento: This extra-hard artificial “stone”, made out of a soft paste of powder and water, takes on an intense gray hue blending with a dark brown tone.

Cemento in Cielo coloured bathroom

Polvere: From cyan to violet, with cooler overtones of gray and sky blue. A refined hue in complete harmony with nature.

Polvere in Cielo coloured bathroom

Cacao: A long process transforms the purple of the almond inside the cocoa fruit into the characteristic brown shade with a touch of ochre.

Cacao in Cielo coloured bathroom

Canapa: It is a primordial and precious textile fiber with a thousand possibilities for use. With its shades of yellow, gray, and dove-grey, it evokes timeless beauty.

Canapa in Cielo coloured bathroom

Cipria: The natural pink of powder flecked from mineral residues, matches with the velvety texture of its very fine-grained structure.

Cipria in Cielo coloured bathroom

Muschio: The intense green of the moss found in forest undergrowth evokes primordial sensations associated with the tactile softness of its surface.

Muschio in Cielo coloured bathroom

Brina: The whiteness of the frost is hard to distinguish from its crystalline and granular surface, made from soft ice flakes.

Brina in Cielo coloured bathroom

Lavagna: The deep gray-black of this clay-based rock is paired by the subtle roughness of its foliated surface.

Lavagna in Cielo coloured bathroom

Pomice: The light grey colour of the pumice stone is associated with the subtle roughness of its porous surface.

Pomice in Cielo coloured bathroom

Lino: Flax’s cool, fresh appearance is paired by its sturdy structure, softened by light, gentle hues.

Lino in Cielo coloured bathroom

Basalto: It is the volcanic origin of basalt that gives it its distinctive dark nuances tending to sea blue, a colour that is as profound as it is close to the surface of the ocean and the night.

Basalto in Cielo coloured bathroom

Agave: The green shade of the agave leaf blends with grey and blue shades, evoking a Mediterranean atmosphere.

Agave in Cielo coloured bathroom

Avena: The subdued tones of oat are infused with touches of warm, golden hues for an impression of lightweight luminosity.

Avena in Cielo coloured bathroom

Fango: Earth and dust mix with water to create a mixture of neutral hues, with browns and grays merging in an alluringly sensual tone.

Fango in Cielo coloured bathroom

The sanitaryware of Cielo with Terre di Cielo™ collection is already available in:

- Vietceramics Bath & Tiles Studio: 65 Song Hanh.

- Vietceramics Bath & Tiles Studio: 15B1(106) Nguyen Khanh Toan


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