Vietceramics presents new premium bathroom collections from Villeroy & Boch

Vietceramics recently added a particularly luxurious touch to its exclusive bathroom collections with the new premium bathroom ranges of styles, innovation and design from Villeroy & Boch, an innovative and contemporary lifestyle brand, supported by an unrivalled heritage of over 250 years.

Villeroy & Boch’s bathroom collections are the bywords for luxurious, high quality bathrooms that meet even the most demanding customer requirements from consumers, architects, builders to design professionals. Finest materials and stylish designs, the new comprehensive collections will allow customer to style their complete bathroom designs tailored to individual preference and taste as well as spatial configuration. From classically elegant to modern or avant garde, and from a small bathroom to a spacious wellness oasis, these distinctive bathroom collections, consist of outstanding ceramic items, coordinating furniture, high-quality bath and shower solutions - open a wide range of options for premium and luxurious bathroom design with an emphasis on well-being.

Innovation, design and style for the very finest dream bathrooms

Exclusive designs and distinctive signatures, from the new premium Finion collection, exclusive Octagon pedestal washbasin, the Artis surface-mounted washbasins with trendy colours, to the timeless design of new Memento 2.0 are all made using the innovative TitanCeram ceramic, once again demonstrated Villeroy & Boch's over 265 years of ceramics expertise. As TitanCeram allows the production of sanitary products with exceptionally precise shapes, extremely thin walls and clearly defined edges, it is perfect for stylish and individual bathroom designs.

Washbasin ArtisArtis washbasin

Bathroom collection Villeroy & Boch Memento 2.0Memento 2.0 bathroom collection

One of the latest design, a delicate and purist design, the complete collection designed by Patrick Frey features slender ceramic washbasins made using TitanCeram, a consistently linear DirectFlush toilet and coordinating bidet, a modern, modular furniture concept, a stylish Quaryl® bath and an integrated lighting concept in the mirror, unit and bath appeals to the emotions creating a luxurious bathroom setting making it an oasis of relaxation and well-being.

Finion bathroom collection

Metropolitan: Strong design reduced to pure aesthetics

Characterised by minimalist design, a status symbol as well as an understatement,  the Metropolitan collections from Villeroy & Boch are called Venticello, Memento, Legato and Architectura. From the trendy and delicate design of the Venticello collection, the minimalist design of the premium Memento collection to various sizes and installation options of the Architectura collection, be it in a loft, a new build, a classic old building or a modern farmhouse – importance is placed on that special something while demonstrating consistency.

Bathroom collection Villeroy & Boch LegatoGelato bathroom collection

Bathroom collection Villeroy & Boch ArchitecturaArchitectura bathroom collection

Classic: Sophisticated elegance in a contemporary style

Precious materials, proven shapes, traditional décors and harmonious colours, classic range from Villeroy & Boch offers several extensive bathroom collections that will help you create the classic style in your bathroom. From the timeless design elements from the early 20th century with modern functionalities of  the Hommage; the La Belle collection with its curved lines adds a new sensuality to bathrooms, to the Sentique collection flaunts understated elegance with straight lines that come together in a fine curve,  interior design expresses a specific attitude to life: prestigious and confident, elegant and exclusive, classic and modern alike.

Bathroom collection Villeroy & Boch HommageHommage bathroom collection

Bathroom collection Villeroy & Boch La BelleLa Belle bathroom collection

Easy: The simplicity of beauty

Whether singles, couples or families with children, the easy style is straightforward, open for new ideas and practical solutions that suit every individual personal interior design style. In this sense, the Avento bathroom collection combines creative design and practical functionality. The successful Subway 2.0 collection comes with a number of options for individual bathroom furnishings that are perfect for practically all bathrooms thanks to its large range of round and angular forms. The flexible O.novo collection is surprisingly different and the large range of models makes it possible to furnish a complete bathroom – and that at a surprisingly favourable price, too.

Bathroom collection Villeroy & Boch Subway 2.0Subway 2.0 bathroom collection

Bathroom collection Villeroy & Boch O.novoO.novo bathroom collection

Whatever the trends - above all, to-day's customer is looking for stylish design and… in the bathroom. And this is precisely where Villeroy & Boch outstanding designs are considered next best things for your bathroom’s individuality and uniqueness.

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