Vietceramics showcases "Private Wellness" bathroom trend

The design fully captures the emotion, honours living space with distinctive value, the creativity plays a vital role in designing the living space. The “Private Wellness” design trend guarantees to redefine new standards for bathroom fittings.

Private Wellness

Luxury today is in the quantity and quality of time devoted to oneself in personal spaces where to live and enjoy moments of indulgence to beauty, relaxation, intimacy and rebalance. This is how an idea of home takes place, a perspective on living the most personal spaces of the house, where water takes center stage and Private Wellness or private and personal well-being become a style.

Proposing a new style of living in one’s own private spaces where architecture and nature connected and everyday activities become new and rejuvenating experiences, Gessi - an international luxury bathroom brand from Italy’s design heart, Milan, continues to invent and create the concept of well-being and of greater space for senses, emotions, and representations of lifestyles. Going beyond product design and technology, each design aspect related to wellness is studied to meet the functioning requirements from taps to ceramics: the shape, the choice of materials, external details such as surfaces, treatments, and icons. Projects from Phu My Hung M8, Metropole Thu Thiem by Son Kim Land to Starwood Hotels, Marriott International, Dorchester Collection, The Ritz Carlton, Hyatt, The Four Seasons, tell the visions of the architects and designers who interpret luxury and elegance, with the language of design and wellness.

Spa baths: Trend for personalized space

When water coupled with light and color, architecture and technology combined in the modern bathroom with new design languages, elevating with art the moment and room for showering. From minimalist showerheads with its number of finishes, the modern tremillimetri in their award-winning design including light and atomization to a stunning visual effect of chromotherapy effect of colour that offers the user the experience of infinite reflections of water with advanced wellness functions in refined essential designs, these programs of modular elements for multifunctional showers can be freely composed, for total customization of one’s own multifunctional shower, to create “private” wellness.


Home is meant to express the life and vitality of each individual, the Private Wellness program proposes a design shower concept with advanced functions, allowing the user to enjoy personal spaces that offer a new sense of well-being, a daily wellness experience. These programs of modular elements for multifunctional showers, including the Afilo, Minimali, Colour and Trilimetri can be freely composed, for a total customization of one’s own shower, so to create a “private” wellness, designed according to one’s own desires.

Gessi Hi-fi

One of the newest collections, the new Hi-Fi “Stereo” Wellness collection embodies a futuristic design that recalls the style of the 90sm with squared shapes and strong details amplified by exclusive innovative technology, perfectly in a private and personal space.

Total Look: Contemporary variations for personal space

Creativity is always a key factor that builds up a unique feature for bathroom designs. Not only are the sophisticated and aesthetic senses conveyed to space but it also focuses on the homeowner’s wellbeing. Overall bathroom solutions can meet with new trendsetting bathroom spaces, allowing homeowners to freely compose a totally personalized style, is a matter of personal preference.


Goccia Copper

Diversity and inclusion in luxury metalwork of copper, gold, antique copper, brass, chrome, stainless steel and elegant black, an iconic geometric design in Rettangolo K, modern and finely crafted objects and designs through Gessi 316 and Inciso collection by David Rockwell is perfect for those who love the luxury and stylish look for their bathroom. Meanwhile, Goccia’s revolutionary design inspires the new concept for interior design, or the conical geometry of Cono collection offers a sense of relaxation whilst manifesting itself in a design that transcends time and fashions of contemporary Fusion Art for homeowners.

Rettangolo K

A genuinely Italian company focussed on uncompromising craftsmanship, with its “green” production processes in a single location surrounded by 800.000 sqm of the park, the unique “Made in Gessi” and “Made in Italy'' philosophy … Italian elegance, aesthetics, and lifestyle. It transforms the most private room of the house into the expression of personal taste and daily wellness enhances essential intimate moments of our life. Private Wellness bathroom experience is already available in: Vietceramics Bath&Tiles Studio nationwide.

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