Vietceramics present “CELEBRATING HOME, CELEBRATING LOVE” promotion

Today, the home becomes the epicentre of everything we do and more than ever before, homes have become our entire world. A home does not only mean comfort, the design combining with colours and materials as well as the organizing and arrangement is a reflection of lifestyle and personality. Celebrating the inspiration, spirit, and concept of the home, Vietceramics is introducing the “Celebrating Home, Celebrating Love” to together build inspirational living spaces with homeowners.


Whether it's a house on the street, a house built for parents or the first house, maybe it is a small repair from replacing kitchen walls, changing bathroom tiles, to new decoration plans, each living space has a unique story, its own personality and characters of each owner.

AM THE ROOM 22 - Imola CeramicaThe Room

V&B Finion Blue and Gold | Cheshire Tile and Bathroom Studio Finion bathroom 


With more than 18 years together with each and every customer to transform living spaces with developers, architects, and interior designers, along with a diverse range of floor and wall tiles, wood floorings, and sanitaryware from leading European and Asian brands, customers will be able to personalize each own living space.

Hopefully, this promotion program will be a chance for Vietceramics to accompany our customers to come up with new ideas for a more impressive living space.

Offer details*

  • Complimentary Package for tiling cost (VND30,000/1m2) , applicable for all tiles and wood floorings.
  • 50% off installation cost for luxury bathroom sanitaryware and fittings 
  • Complimentary 1:1 consultation appointment for all your tiling solutions, bathroom designs and installation services tailored to each individual habits and needs 

• Experience the virtual store 24/7 with 1:1 meeting with our consultant team to find suitable products for your living space

Dancing Flower


 Cielo Shui

 Gessi Outdoor - Private Wellness

Vietceramics’ wide and competitive range offers solutions to all project variables. An endless variety of sizes, shapes, colors and textures from the floor and wall tiles, wood floorings to bathroom brands will be definitely able to fulfill any architectural and style needs for residential and commercial applications, outdoor spaces, large-scale architectural projects or urban designs. 

For further enquiries or questions, customers can contact the Vietceramics team by leaving a message or give us a call on our hotline 0797 555 299 or 1900 633 094.

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