Crea-LA – a special collection off Blooming Collections – tells the discovery of exotic tropical plants during the journey.


Crea-LA collection available with the size of 60 x 120 cm, each map has different beauty and inspiration. Tropicalia is a buoyant picture of green plants from the Madagascar rainforest, Xilema portrays the veins of leaves in silver glitter on a dark surface, inspired by Caribbean’s hidden charm and peonies blooming under the moonlight are the inspiration for Romanza design.

Size: 60 x 120 cm

Surface: Matt

Application: Wall

Variation: V2

Product code: 612TROP612 - 612ROMA612 - 612XILEMA612

Origin: Italy

Crafted with a combination of graphic techniques such as oil painting, stencils, pencil sketches,… then double-fired, the Crea-LA collection makes an eye-catching décor solution for the walls.

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