A tribute to the Pixel Art of the Eighties, the award winning DigitalArt burst into the fashion world with its defining graphics and ornamental style from the most advanced ceramic material. With a chromatic movement of empty and full feel, alternated through visual sequences, DigitalArt interprets the style of texture, artistically through a graphic key that become a language into architectural and interior design settings.


Between shades of solid colors or soft light, between continuous visual sequences, laying combinations and lines of material, Digitalart made possible by the use of the most advanced digital technology. Five neutral colours allow for textile-like combinations for walls and floors.

Size: 60 x 60 cm

Surface: Matt

Variation: V2

Application: Wall + Floor

Product code: 60DIARGR

Origin: Spain

Rewarded for being able to literally reinvent the ceramic material, transforming two-dimensional texture into three-dimensional, DigitalArt is an imaginative combination of Italian style with artistic graphics that samples herringbone fabrics with irregular and contrasting colour and weave effects. Perfect in every detail, DigitalArt allows an endless possibilities to reproduce any style for any tiled surface right up to the edges.


Size: 60 x 60 cm

Surface: Matt

Variation: V4

Application: Wall

Product code: 60DIARMI

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