Overwhelmed by the diversity of tropical nature, the artists create Jardin - a trio of masterpieces that collects wonderful moments gifted by nature as the crew traveled through different lands.


Jardin collection available with the size of 60 x 120 cm, each map has different beauty and inspiration. Oasis Tropicale takes inspiration from palm trees by the beach, Maidenhair represents the life of ginkgo leaves on a fabric-like surface and Fleurs Vintage is a picture of five dreamy white flowers of the valley.

Size: 60 x 120 cm

Surface: Matt

Application: Wall

Variation: V1

Product code: 612JA02 - 612JA03 - 612JA07

Origin: Italy

Not only a celebration of the diverse beauties of tropical plants but Jardin is also equipped with the antibacterial and antiviral Safe Plus technology, eliminates more than 90% Covid-19 virus and over 99% bacteria. Just like how mother nature protects us, the collection promises a safe and sound life.

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