Originally developed for and used on the walls of New York City’s Subway stations at the beginning of the 20th century, subway tiles  can be installed versatile, suitable for application on bathroom walls, kitchen walls, backsplashes and accent walls.


Wall tile collection features a fashionable colour range including 7 colors that creates real character to strictly monochrome walls. Available in rectangular format of 10x30cm and 7.5x30cm respectively, choose from a range of solid colours for your surfacing needs.


A decor tile with geometric prints and patterns and a polished surface, this ceramic wall tile collection transforms your space with vintage charm. Designed with modern living in mind, this contemporary new subway series is available with choices of colour and 10x30cm, is the perfect option for your next backsplash or accent wall project.

Size: 7.5 x 30 / 10 x 30 cm

Surface: Honed

Variation: V1

Application: Wall

Product Code: 1030BEWHGL - 1030BEBLGL - 7530PLAQBL
  7530OSAQBL - 7530PLAQGR - 7530OSAQGR
  7530PLIV - 7530OSIV - 7530PLMAYE
  7530PLPI - 7530OSPI - 7530PLNABL
  7530OSNABL - 1030DIWH - 1030DIOR
  1030DINABL - 1030DIAQBL - 1030GLAVMA
  1030GLALMA - 1030GLBLMA - 1030GLWHMA

Origin: India

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