A sophisticated interpretation, All Marble is a floor and wall tile collection that translates the elegance of the rarest, most classical varieties of marble into design of contemporary beauty.


Available in different surface finishes with distinctive veins and colours, the All Marble collection offers an innovative take on the finest marbles, perfect for any architectural settings.

Size: 60 x 60 / 60 x 120 cm

Surface: Horned/ Matt

Variation: V2/ V3

Application: Floor

Product code:  612M3A2 - 612MMGQ - 60MMGM
   60MM9E - 60M3AS - 60M3AL
   612MMAK - 612M3A5

Origin: Italy

The All Marble brings exquisite elegance to any home, without compromising on practical aspects. From a living room, to a kitchen or bathroom, the collection conveys a pure material with subdued shades, offering the beauty of simplicity, for residential and commercial projects.

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