Inspired by the world of minerals and offering exclusive surfacing that stands out for its depth and aesthetic splendor, Gemstone features elegant chromatic interplay with several Opal shades and a delicate quartz pattern.

This unique tile collection of precious stones is ideal in any luxurious architecture.


With highly polished surface and a 150x300 cm wide format, the Gemstone collection adds character and creates a masterpiece within any interior space.


Size: 150 x 300 cm

Surface: Honed

Variation: V3

Application: Floor / Wall

Product code: 150300L315374MF6 - 150300L315373MF6 - 150300L315372MF6

Origin: Italy

From opalescent milky white to violet simmering with wisteria and plum tones, its delicate hues, showy with their faded edges and 3D texture that alternates crystallized areas Gemstone offers designers a chance to express their individuality through the use of pattern and colour.


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