Wanderlust is a collection in which aesthetic and material research reaches new heights with outstanding pigments and natural material in the complexity of the colour and the depth of the decorative pattern. A reinterpretation in porcelain stoneware of stunning natural marbles and mesmerising Agate agglomerates, Wanderlust brings the value of an authentic jewel into the world of design.


Wanderlust is available in two different sizes, making it an excellent choice for an eye-catching backsplash or statement wall.  

Size: 80 x 160 cm / 120 x 278 cm

Surface: Honed

Variation: V2 / V3

Application: Floor / Wall

Product Code: 816WA06 - 120278WA03 - 816WA07
  120278WA08 - 120278WA09 - 120278WA10 

Origin: Italy

Bringing enchanting beauty and classy elegance, Wanderlust creates the design space an impressive beauty with diverse applications from residential to commercial.

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