Anthology is a new and astonishing collection of ideal ceramic stone resulting from the calibrated fusion of numerous extraordinary natural references.  The harmonious combination of various types of marble and stone with opposite styles results in these splendid new and original mineral forms that express strong and unmistakable personalities and celebrate the charm and unpredictable beauty of nature.


Sophisticated and modern, Anthology is available in two colours of  60x120 to provide a complete surfacing solution for modern spaces.

Size: 60 x 120 cm

Surface: Matt

Variation: V2

Application: Porcelain floor

Product code: 612DAWO - 612GRWO

Origin: Italy

The technical and aesthetic qualities of Lea Ceramiche porcelain stoneware make Anthology a catalogue of original and distinctive design solutions suited to any architectural project. Versatile and resistant, these ceramic surfaces are easy to sanitise and, thanks to their integrated Protect® antibacterial technology, they eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria.To live healthy, safe and secure.

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