The latest trends include the use of floor tiles that feature identical designs, creating a homogenous sense of order and visual continuity, while ensuring both aesthetics and functionality to create open, versatile, and practical spaces for all the family. 

In line with the latest trends, Duplostone is a non-slip floor and wall tile collection with a wide range of finishes, provides a variety of tones and materials, ideal for planning and creating settings in line with the latest trends in interior design.


Duplostone, with its dedicated textures and colors, reflecting all the beauty of natural stone, giving you plenty of choice in three neutral tones.

Size: 45 x 90 / 90 x 90 cm

Surface: Matt

Variation: V3

Application: Floor

Product code: 4590DUGR - 4590DUMA - 4590DUPE
  90DUMA - 90DUGR - 90DUPE

Origin: Spain

This collection is the ideal choice for contemporary spaces, from the interior to the exterior design.

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