An interpreation of the latest trends of a quartzite, Evo-Q is the expression of a well considered taste reflected in the natural colours of stone. Neutral shades, delicate, modern colours and more minimalist styles make interior design and the planning of contemporary living spaces simple and creative.


Available in 4 colours, Evo-Q is perfect combination of three-dimensional structures to generate contrasts to give the coverings vitality, richness and elegance.

Size: 30 x 60/ 60 x 120 cm

Surface: Matt

Variation: V3

Application: Wall + Floor

Product code: 612E7UD - 36E3V2 - 36E3V4
  36E3V3 - 612E7UA -  612E7U9

Origin: Italy

Evo-Q is ideal for the unrestricted design of a variety of projects of different styles, flavours and dimensions, from the non-residential to the residential, giving each a unique, precise, distinctive personality.


The Triple structure is produced by combining 3 different structures, Backface, Chiselled and smooth. Produced by combining 3 different structures, the Triple structure with its volumetric variations is ideal to give walls much greater vibrancy.

Dimension:  20 x 120 cm

Surface: Matt

Variation: V3

Application: Floor & Wall

Product code:  212E3UQ- 212E3UR- 212E3US


The rich decorative selection of Medley with a random combination of 14 different patterns with dimension 6x25 cm, each reproducing a differently worked stone but sharing the same colour shade,  deliver dynamic and volumetrically varied visual effects that works well in both classic and modern settings.

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