The Iguazu collection is a range inspired by the pureness and rawness of the natural environment. With the use of natural professed stone tiles, this range embraces the movement, essence, and structural quality of real stone. This collection features pressed layered stone which claims the stone as a modern, spa like, wall piece. The wall pieces can make a poolside or shower feel like an oasis within a commercial or residential space.


Iguazu is available in one size for all tiles; 21×63 cm to maintain continuity among textured pieces. There are six environmental inspired colour options for both the highly textured layered stone tiles and the subtly textured flat pieces such as black, white, grey, Charcoal, Sand and Terra.

Size: 21 x 63 cm

Surface: Honed

Variation: V1 / V3

Application: Wall

Product code: 2163IGWABL - 2163IGWAWH - 2163IGWACH
  2163IGWAGR - 2163IGWASA - 2163IGWATE

Origin: Spain

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