In line with the “raw” trend of the charm of irregular surfaces, Reverso stone-effect porcelain stoneware interprets the back side of travertine slabs, with slight imperfections, less evident and almost faded surface graphics.


Designed to replicate a natural stoneware look with the durable benefits of porcelain, Reverso is available in 5 different colors and acceptable on walls, floors and backsplashes.

Size:30 x 60 cm

Surface: Matt

Variation: V3

Application: Wall + Floor

Product code: 36_0RV361R- 36_0RV362R- 36_0RV363R
  36_0RV360R- 36_RV367R

Origin: Italy

Interpreted with elegance and sophistication, Reverso with impressive depth is ideal for stylish settings with a sophisticated design.

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