Oudh, or agarwood as defined in the Arab Emirates language, has been seen as the wood of the Gods since the dawn of civilization. This precious material inspires the creation of the Oudh tile collection,  with delicate veins and knots that bring harmony to the space.


Oudh’s four natural colors represent the classic tones of wood, ranging from cream to olive, giving the architect choices when designing the living space.

Size: 20 x 120 cm

Surface: Matt

Variation: V3

Antislip rate: R9

Application: Floor

Product code: 212OU01 - 212OU03 - 212OU06 - 212OU07

Origin: Italy

Each design of the Oudh tile collection is equipped with innovative 4Deep technology that gives a greater depth and realism for an impressive aesthetic effect within the space. These choices bring nature into the house along with positive energy.

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