With aesthetic consistency and a smooth-like effect surface, bring natural elegance to your home with the natural appeal of Treverkhome's perfect impression of oak wood. An oak wood look tiles, the material beautifully combines durability and exceptional quality.


Colours of deep warmth and emotion thanks to impression of nature bring a touch of nature to any modern space. Available in 3 stunning colours, Treverkhome’s colours knows no bounds, from retail spaces to living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

Size: 30 x 120 cm

Surface: Matt

Variation: V3

Application: Floor

Product code: 312MKLA- 312MJWM

Origin: Italy

Functionality and imagination, the original beauty of oak like wooden floor lies in its little imperfections. The collection resembles the smooth and harmonious satin surface with aesthetic solutions, adapting perfectly in any architectural and interior design settings.

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