Vietceramics introduces the Blooming Collections, including four exceptional floral décor tile collections: Papier, Crea-La, Jardin, and Travertino. Designed in biophilic style and created with state-of-the-art Italian technologies, Blooming Collections are paintings of exotic tropical lands that have charmed the artists’ souls.

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Papier – A new perspective on wall decoration

The creator of the collection has searched for talented Italian artists and botanists to join the journey to tropical lands. The trip evoked their inspiration and gave birth to gorgeous paintings of nature.  

Their first stop is Hawaii Island. This tropical paradise enchanted the artists’ souls and inspired them to create the Papier Encanto Gold masterpiece. Patterns of bird-of-paradise and red ginger flowers bloom on a bed of green leaves, filling Encanto Gold with an enthusiastic energy that lights up the space.

The lively Papier Encanto Gold (120278PAENGO) with red flowers on green leaves.

When the manufacturer together with artists and botanists visited the Amazon rainforest, they were charmed by palm trees and monstera leaves, and decided to celebrate this beauty with Papier Palm design. More than just greenness to the wall, Papier Palm symbolizes a dream of fortune and prosperity.

The refreshing Papier Palm (612PAPA) with palm leaves on a white background.

From the splendid paintings born from the voyage, the Italian manufacturer applies the 4Deep printing technology that allows 4-layer printing to carefully illustrate every detail of those masterpieces. The vivid contrast of colors delivers a realistic depth as if artwork is drawn directly on the tile. This is a promising new perspective for wall decoration tiles.

Crea-La – Tropical nature through an artistic view

Crea-La, the second collection of Blooming Collections, tells the discovery of exotic tropical plants during the journey.

Peonies blooming under the moonlight are the inspiration for the Crea-La Romanza design (612ROMA612).

Crea-La Tropicalia (612TROP612) is a buoyant picture of green plants from the Madagascar rainforest.

Crea-La Xilema (612XILEMA612) portrays the veins of leaves in silver glitter on a dark surface, inspired by Zimbabwean white heliconia of the Carribean.

Crafted with a combination of graphic techniques such as oil painting, stencils, pencil sketches,… then double-fired, the Crea-La collection makes an eye-catching décor solution for the walls.

Jardin – The dance of nature

Overwhelmed by the diversity of tropical nature, the artists create Jardin - a trio of masterpieces that collects wonderful moments gifted by nature as the crew traveled through different lands.

Jardin Oasis Tropicale (612JA02) takes inspiration from palm trees by the beach.

Jardin Maidenhair (612JA03) represents the life of ginkgo leaves on a fabric-like surface.

Jardin Fleurs Vintage (612JA07) is a picture of five dreamy white flowers of the valley.

Not only a celebration of the diverse beauties of tropical plants but Jardin is also equipped with the antibacterial and antiviral Safe Plus technology, eliminates more than 90% Covid-19 virus and over 99% bacteria. Just like how mother nature protects us, the collection promises a safe and sound life.

Travertino – Flower blooms on travertine marble

During the voyage through tropical lands, the crew found many wildflowers soaked in sunlight and bathed in rain, blooming gloriously. With their inmagination, the crew tried to combine those wildflowers with other building materials. Travertine – one of the most ancient Italian marbles – became the chosen one. The roughness of marble stone and the softness of flowers creates an impressive design called Travertino.

The gentle Travertino Navona Botanico (120M9P7).

The sharp Travertino Classico Botanico (120M9P5).

These stunning designs of Blooming Collections are all available at Vietceramics, offering many beautiful exotic tropical plants for wall decoration, satisfying those who yearn for a connection with nature.

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