Latest tile and bathroom trends to look forward in 2017

Tile and bathroom ware are known as major piece of the home design puzzle. Whether it’s a bold and daring design, or a luxurious marble effect, these are emerged as design styles that homeowner will be looking for in 2017. Read on to discover more on-trend inspiration with Vietceramics’ new collections.



Create a timeless luxury bathroom space that will last a lifetime with carefully chosen fixtures and fittings and the help of a bathroom designer. Today, the luxury bathroom has actually become the reality with common man's lifestyle changes having a direct influence on the designs defining these lifestyles. Bathroom designs are now defined by themes and the range involves contemporary bathrooms with minimalist designs, bathrooms with zen-like appeal. From chrome fittings to sparkling gold taps, coloured basins, pieces of furniture like a recliner – bathrooms truly are a retreat from the outside world

 the beautifully crafted iSpa collection

The organic enveloping Goccia

private wellness

Cono  vietceramics

Charm, uniqueness, splendour, the luxury space features Gessi ideas and concepts developed for the home. Not limiting itself to the invention of new stylistic solutions for luxury bathroom suites and well-being, Gessi ranges at Vietceramics showroom including faucets, taps, rain shower, and shower head has created a new style of living: a design to be experienced and breathed. From the minimalistic Rettangolo home concept, to the organic enveloping Goccia, the beautifully crafted iSpa collection, and the charming Eleganza home, these iconic designs showcase the lifestyle brand’s ethos of design and innovation.


Marble-effect ceramic tiles are due a comeback being a big surface trend for 2017, think contemporary and elegant living room or relaxing spa-like bathroom. Continuity between natural and synthetic products is key, different textures and finishes will be featuring in interior design projects. From a swirling blend of shades, to forked veins in a mix of tones, marble effects can transform into sophisticated, style-led spaces.  Marvel Pro or Marvel XL are some great wall and floor tile options.

 Marvel Pro

Marvel XL

Marvel Gems vietceramics

Whereas, collections characterized by a random assortment of fragmented pieces that together create an eclectic and playful visual. New trend included single pattern tiles, which could be mixed-and-match accordingly as well as large format sheets that had a repeating pattern meant to look like mosaic. A couple of standout collections include Marvel Gems, reinterpretation of terrazzo flooring with square and irregular polygonal shapes that bring a retro feel but with a fresh modern take. 

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