After centuries, marble has become a legacy, the new ideology for contemporary designs as it fuses with porcelain tiles to create a groundbreaking, innovative, and sustainable building material.

Newest in the house, the Marvel Gala, Marvel Travertine, and Marvel X marble tile collections mark an extraordinary return of the Marvel series, providing architects and house owners with more options to revel in the wonders of Italian marble.

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Marvel Gala – Distinctive personalities

Inspired by three natural stones with artistic beauty, Marvel Gala is a collection of exclusive surfaces, to stand out without compromise, with a strong personality and distinctive colors. This made Marvel Gala collection win the Red Dot Awards design awards ceremony in 2023.

Desert Soul is inspired by Patagonia, a quartzite born in the heart of South American volcanoes. Fields of white, black, beige, and brown bordered by golden veins recall the tones of the desert, brightening the space with personality.

Marvel Gala Desert Soul (612MADSOLP)

Marvel Gala Desert Soul (612MADSOLP) brings characters to the space

Crystal White is inspired by a quartzite with colors that recall deep glaciers and sparkling snow. The neutral surface is crisscrossed by deep veins of beige, gray, and gold, representing the elegance of a solemn, grandiose nature. The design promises an elegant living space.

Marvel Gala Crystal White (612MACRWH)

The luxurious bathroom uses Marvel Gala Crystal White (612MACRWH)

Inspired by the famous Italian Calacatta marble, Calacatta Black has an intensely dark background riven by lighter shades. Like the original marble, the white veins emphasize the partitions between the shades. The design resembles black volcanoes in Iceland, marking the space with a mysterious yet powerful look.

Marvel Gala Calacatta Black (612MACABLLP)

Marvel Gala Calacatta Black (612MACABLLP) enhances the living room with a powerful shade of black

Marvel Travertine – Architectural Soul

Originating from Italy, Travertine marble has gained its reputation worldwide due to its spectacular sedimentary surface. The marble symbolizes power and stability and has been the material for iconic architectures such as the Colosseum and St. Peter Basilica.

The majesty of Travertine lives again in Marvel Travertine's ceramic surfaces.

The classic beauty of marble Travertine harmoniously blends with contemporary style.

Marvel Travertine Vein Cut (612MTWHVEMT) reproduces the striped appearance typical of Travertine, adding a touch of nature to the space

The floor uses Marvel Travertine Cross Cut (612MTSACRMT) shows off Trvaertine’s rich colors with a stone-look surface characterized by extensive shading

The Marvel Travertine tile collection is equipped with the special Sensitech, a surface achieved with a technology patented in Italy that combines a high anti-slip coefficient with a pleasant touch. Safety and ease of cleaning are the characteristics of the Sensitech surface.

Marvel X – Everyday Extraordinary

The celebration of Italian marble’s natural beauty continues in the Marvel X tile collections. Marvel X builds on the original factors while projecting them into the future in terms of style, material selection, and technical and aesthetic excellence.

The classic Italian marble continues proving its everlasting allure in modern architecture

Inspired by the fine Tuscan marble Fior Di Bosco, the Fior Di Bosco design is deep gray with distinct golden veins that give it a strong personality. The polished finish brings out its rich detail and depth.

The relax area is covered in Marvel X Fior Di Bosco’s grey color, silk surface (120MXFIBOSK)

For those who look for the closest representation of natural marble, Fior Di Bosco offers the Hammered finish. The surface is as coarse as real stone, accentuating the natural stone inspiration but still comfortable for everyday life, thus gaining it the Red Dot design award.

The realistic stone-like surface of Marvel X Fior Di Bosco hammered finish (612MXFIBOHA)

Inspired by Calacatta Michelangelo – one of Italy’s most precious marbles favored by master artists, the Calacatta Apuano design is distinguished by a warm background furrowed by fine golden veins that become deeper in the polished version and more amalgamated in the hammered and silk finishes.

The diversity in surface options of Marvel X opens up the ability to create ton-sur-ton spaces, helping Vietnamese homeowners create matching styles with subtle and elegant differences that are satisfying and unique.

The silk finish (75150MXCAAPSK) and the hammered finish (612MXCAAPHA) of Marvel X Calacatta Apuano are on the bathroom floor and wall.

Marvel Specials are exclusively distributed by Vietceramics in Vietnam and are now available in all showrooms, ready for architectural lovers to discover and create magnificent living spaces.

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