Mystic is a collection inspired by the essence of marble, its most original shapes that evoke the lines drawn by nature.


Mystic is inspired by the great places in the time store, a classicism that borders on almost metaphysical landscapes, on places of well-being, where each geological era has left its mark.

Color and surface

Mystic has 4 marble effects: two with light, shining, very bright tones. Two dark ones, with character, with strong but balanced features. Two different sizes embellished with different surface finishes: natural and krystal.

Kry (4) Heavy traffic. Floors suitable for areas subject to frequent foot traffic and heavy abrasion: for example corridors, balconies, terraces, private kitchens, hotel rooms and bathrooms.

Nat (5) Extra-heavy traffic. Floors suitable for areas subject to frequent foot traffic and heavy abrasion: for example bars, shops, hotels, restaurants, public buildings, offices, schools, exhibition halls including all zones subject to passing. Particularly suitable for areas in direct contact with the outside.


Style and personality

Marble and exclusivity, the earth colours meet the canon of beauty, the material transcends colour.Residences of great personality, illustrious places and great fashion houses, hotels and restaurants, extraordinary boutiques.

Mystic in residential uses

The Natural surface is safe (R10), is resistant to abrasion (class 5), stains, acids and light. It is easy to install and does not require special maintenance.The aesthetics of the individual pieces is carefully differentiated: up to 40 different subjects, with veins and nuances specifically adapted for each size.

Porcelain is a natural material, safe and suitable for any type of environment: it does not burn, it does not release harmful substances, it is resistant and unalterable over time. It is also sustainable because it is totally recyclable. A protagonist even in the bathroom: it is not affected by water and humidity, it does not wear out, does not change over time, does not stain, does not retain dirt and is easy to clean.

Mystic in commercial uses

The Krystal polishing enhances the gloss of the material creating an extraordinary depth effect of the marble veins. The environments are transformed evoking splendor and exclusivity.

Safe and reliable solution also for public spaces where it is essential to combine beauty, excellent technical performance and low maintenance. It is quick and easy to clean and sanitize.


Minimum joints (only 2mm), continuous laying effect, maximum brightness on floors and walls. The perception of space multiplies, creating truly unique sets. Large fashion houses, luxurious hotels: ideal for any project that requires a visual impact of sure effect.


Mystic collection is now available at all Vietceramics showrooms. Come and explore more about the realistic beauty of Mystic!




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