Vietceramics showcases 5 bathrooms wellness spaces

Recent studies have shown that a design idea that connects people to nature emphasizing the importance of water, balanced color and material will further inspire, boost productivity and even contribute to a stronger sense of well-being. Bathroom sanitaryware and fittings such as bathtubs, taps or showers convey harmonious wellness that offers a relaxing experience for bathroom spaces.

Beyond the boundaries of the spa, nutrition, or slow living, nowadays wellness design is getting more recognition among architects, designers, and homeowners. These designs ethe are at the forefront of leading bathroom manufacturers worldwide including Gessi ( Italy), Devon & Devon ( Italy), Villeroy & Boch ( Germany), Vitra (Turkey). From fixtures to materials and added functions, whether you want your bathroom to be your own relaxing home spa or a joyful space designed to energize your morning routine, here Vietceramics has highlighted five current trends that have transformative power and handpicked the tiles, taps, and more to help you master every meter.

Total look design with open bathroom trend

With this in mind, a wellness-focused bathroom inspired by nature shouldn’t feel busy or as if there’s ‘too much going on’. Pick a primary focal piece, maybe it’s a stunning freestanding bathtub, and design your bathroom around that. Adding more depth to the design by adopting a layered approach to support those features. The design could include a free-standing washbasin to make space feel more inviting. Designed in the “Total Look” style, Gessi Cono bathroom becomes the natural highlight of the modern bathroom.



Gessi Cono bathroom

Private Wellness personalized bathroom

As the whole house is becoming increasingly technologically interconnected, the bathroom becomes indeed a place that combines function and emotionality, allow everyone to create fully customized spa corners for everyday use, in the most private environment of the house. When water becomes a personal experience, in its various forms, the  Gessi Private Wellness Program - the world's widest range of steel showerheads and shower elements for hydro massage, including a rain shower, waterfalls, and atomization, designed according to one’s own desires. These systems can be freely composed, for total customization of one’s own shower, to create “private” wellness and turn the water into a personal, uplifting, and emotional experience.

 Private Wellness ™ bathroom

Spa-inspired bathroom design

 A spa-inspired bathing experience is indispensable with whirlpool bathtubs especially when designing a personalized space to promote optimal relaxation.  Following this trend, the Aveo New Generation bathtub designed by Conran & Partners for Villeroy & Boch with soft curves, Quaryl® materials, innovates whirlpool system offers a relaxing and luxurious space. Or choose the award-winning Just Silence Hot Tub (Villeroy & Boch) bath with exclusive JetPak ™ technology and state-of-the-art massage features, including touch screen operation, integrated LED light strips, flexible seat and lounger concept definitely make it perfect after a day work long.

The Aveo bathtub 

Color trends in bathroom design

Colour is another simple way you can draw from nature to create a more positive bathroom environment.  Accordingly, the combination of the color of bathroom fittings with materials such as marble tile, 3D decorative tile can influence the mind and create a more calming and relaxing feel to your bathroom. With metallics and subtle finishes are on-trend, incorporate warm tones where possible with Dandy or Conventry exclusively crafted by Devon & Devon with inspirational 18k gold or rose gold, provide a source of inspiration to classic bathrooms.

Kalos Console | Marlene Console

The Mida bathtub

Meanwhile, Gessi 316 shower and faucet set with the designful line, stainless steel, copper, or black metal brings a modern, impressive bathroom space. This is where you find the balance between work and life after a hard day's work, between time for family and for yourself.

Smart toilet - Personal care in a comprehensive bathroom

Today, the smart toilet continues to be focused on optimal hygiene experiences. ViClean L6 smart toilet (Villeroy & Boch) or Metropole smart toilet (VitrA) with its superior technology, selection of a heated seat, air purification, bidet and drying functions, touch-sensitive smart control panels optimise the flush cycle to use the minimum amount of water will definitely help to keep the bathroom space cool and clean.

 ‘Wellness and mindfulness are increasingly being sought at home to balance out the stresses experienced in everyday life,’ says …, head of design at …. ‘Not everyone has the time to visit a spa, perhaps now is the time to bring spa-like elements into your daily routine from championing bolder, braver design, innovative materials and colour that calms or invigorates. Soon it will be just as important a factor in designing spaces as functionality, aesthetics, or cost-effectiveness. “

 Villeroy & Boch toilet

Because the bathroom is a relaxing space with stylish experiences, luxury bathroom and tile collections with new design trends from famous European bathroom brands such as Gessi, Devon & Devon, Villeroy & Boch, Cielo, and VitrA, exclusively distributed by Vietceramics will deliver homeowners, architects, and interior designers a creative, impressive space.

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