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  • 04/06/2021 | INSPIRATION

    Bathroom trends 2021 – 5 inspiring new looks for your bathroom

    With every new year comes the urge to reboot, there’s no doubt that the bathroom is the ideal space to begin your design refresh. The bathroom design team from Vietceramics has teamed up with leading brand partners to bring you the key pieces that will ensure your bathroom truly stands the test of time. From floorings to faucets, from health to relaxation experience, these bathroom trends will lead the way in 2021.

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  • 04/03/2020 | INSPIRATION

    4 Inspiring Bathroom Design Ideas

    With the development of the home interior industry, bathrooms are not only the room for personal hygiene activities but also transforms itself into a relaxing space with exquisite experiences, a practical focus on personal needs and wellness. So, how do the bathrooms become an element of home design? Let’s find out with Vietceramics about bathroom design trends inspired by leading European brands. 

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  • 03/27/2020 | INSPIRATION

    Stylish city living concepts – a space in the city

    A perfect living space always defined with the sophistication of colors and exquisite arrangements that show the flair and taste of the homeowners. Today, homeowners tend to focus more on details of each little corner in the house with the use of impressive interior designs to create a comfortable and relaxing space. Without exception, the application of suitable floor and wall tiles will further enhance comfort and shapes the homeowners' lifestyle with individual signature.


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  • 10/29/2019 | INSPIRATION

    5 bathroom designs are inspired by European style

    Nowadays, bathrooms are supremely important, and as your designated locale for relaxation, it should be tastefully decorated with furnishings, flooring, and accessories that are reflective of your personalities and bring forth happy feelings from within. With this in mind, designing a statement bathroom will depend upon personal taste but may range from grand, bold features to a more subtle touch, which is imbued with character.

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  • 10/25/2019 | INSPIRATION

    Inspiring design trends for impressive settings

    What makes a home? In many ways, homes embody how we live and see ourselves. It requires reflection and thoughtful choices, but it is a rewarding process. When we create a place that meets our needs and expresses our character, we enrich our lives. Space feels authentic, a genuine reflection of the person or family who lives there. And in these spaces, each homeowner, architect, and interior designer will play a significant role in creating a masterpiece with sophistication and style. With this philosophy, let’s explore the latest design trends that have recently curated around the world with Vietceramics.

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